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Sep 21 2007

UN Welcomes a load of Iran’s Ahmadnejihad

So, we have Iran’s Ahmadinejihad traveling to New York City to address the United Nations General Assembly this Sunday. This is not a real problem, he is after all The President of Iran. As a member of the United Nations, Iran is within it’s rights to address the General Assembly. The irritation I find is two part. First as an American and a former Native Born New Yorker, the mere existence of the United Nations on America’s soil offends my sense of reason. The United Nations is a gathering of Nations that include dictatorships, military Juntas and just plain criminals. The hypocrisy and elitism oozing out of the many diplomatic buildings surrounding the United Nations Secretariat complex makes my head spin. I see no reason to continue the level of funding for a UN that reaps of corruption, displays an inability to reform and prides itself on ineffectiveness. So the first irritation is just the UN itself.

The second irritation is that Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and Sudan are listed as Terrorist States by the US Government. The idea that members of these countries’ diplomatic core are permitted to walk through the streets of NYC with American citizens outrages me.

Iran has been in a race to refine nuclear fuel and it is believed that Iran intends to produce nuclear weapons. The USA, The European Union and The United Nations Security Council have all agreed that Iran must cease its URANIUM ENRICHMENT and come into compliance with Security Council Resolution 8792 by August 31, 2007. Today, I believe(wish) the Security Council will meet and review Iran’s compliance and possibly begin the formation of stronger diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran. If you payed attention with the Iraq farce you realize that UN resolutions are watered down and almost entirely ineffective. This time around we may see more movement. France has recently been doing some saber rattling and there have been some whispers within the EU itself regarding stronger actions against Iran.

Iran’s President expressing a desire to pose for a “photo op” at the “Ground Zero” site for the pleasure of his fellow countrymen who celebrated the death of Americans on 9/11 should not be permitted to occur. Diplomatically, I do not believe there is a way to stop his small motorcade and assigned US Secret Service security detail from visiting there or anywhere else within NYC while he is on his diplomatic mission. What needs to be done is the total isolation of Iran. All diplomatic relations with Iran should be restricted. The United States, The EU and The United Nations should force the recall of all non-essential Iranian diplomatic personnel both at the United Nations and throughout the nations of the world. All Iranian foreign service members should be restricted to their embassies. Movement of Iranian foreign service members should be limited to travel between diplomatic missions and pre-approved trips to and from airports. No Iranian official should be allowed to travel via air unless prior Security Council approval has been gained. Sadly this just isn’t going to happen.

This weekend Iran’s diplomats will arrive in New York, enjoy the sites and services of the city and even possibly participate in speaking engagements throughout the city. Columbia University, a bastion of anti-western culture has invited Ahmadinejihad to speak at their University on Monday.

This evening I plan on listening to broadcasts from America and see if the public in New York City will mobilize and produce significant protests in response to Iran’s diplomatic presence, Iran’s Terrorist policies and Humanitarian & Women’s Rights record.

Ban Ki-Moon had a few brief comments the other day at a press briefing which I have included below. In addition I have included the opening text and link to SC 8792. Today’s Security Council meeting regarding Iran’s compliance to SC 8792 may very well set the tone for Ahmadinejihad’s address on Sunday of the General Assembly.

I hope everyone back home in the New York City area gives Ahmadinejihad the appropriate welcome and treatment during his visit to America.


Latest Remarks

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 18 September 2007

New York – Secretary-General’s press conference

Thank you very much, and I will be pleased to answer your questions.

  • Q: Mr. Secretary-General, welcome again, on behalf of the United Nations Correspondents Association.In the last few days, the war of words has really increased on the issue of nuclear capability in Iran. You have heard what the French Foreign Minister has said about going to war against Iran. I wonder, in your role as Secretary-General, what you can do to bring back the issue to the level of negotiations. Unless you do something, the tensions will increase between western nations and Iran to the point where the United Nations, at some point, cannot stop the issue from going out of control.
  • SG: I have stated publicly many times my position – the United Nations position on Iranian nuclear issues. As a matter of principle, all the pending issues, whatever it may be, should be resolved through dialogue in a peaceful manner. That is a very important principle which the United Nations is seeking.Concerning these specific questions, I encourage Iran to be fully cooperative and transparent in dealing with the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] and to implement the work plan they have agreed with the IAEA. I sincerely hope that this agreement between Iran and the IAEA will contribute to the final and overall settlement of the nuclear issue of Iran by fully complying with the relevant Security Council resolutions. That is the core in addressing this issue.
Full Text

31 July 2006

Security Council


Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Security Council

5500th Meeting (AM)



Resolution 1696 (2006) Adopted by Vote of 14 – 1 ( Qatar),

Iran Says Peaceful Programme No Threat, Council’s Consideration Unwarranted


The Security Council, seriously concerned that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was still unable to provide assurances about Iran’s undeclared nuclear material and activities after more than three years, today demanded that Iran suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development, and gave it one month to do so or face the possibility of economic and diplomatic sanctions to give effect to its decision.

Adopting resolution 1696 (2006), under Chapter VII, by a vote of 14 in favour to 1 against (Qatar), the Council expressed its conviction that such suspension, as well as full, verified Iranian compliance with the IAEA Board of Governor’s requirements, would contribute to a diplomatic, negotiated solution that guaranteed Iran’s nuclear programme was for exclusively peaceful purposes.

The 15-member body called on Iran to without further delay take the steps required by the IAEA Board of Governors in its resolution GOV/2006/14, which it said were essential to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful purpose of the nuclear programme and resolve outstanding questions. It, meanwhile, underlined the international community’s willingness to work positively for such a solution and encouraged Iran to reengage with the international community and IAEA.


More – SC Resolution 1696

Jun 06 2007

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Apr 23 2007

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Radio Sweden



Radio Sweden 2007-04-23
Liberal Party Leader Lars Leijonborg announces he will resign. One of Sweden`s foremost scientific achievements turns out to be fake. And later in the program Bill Schiller takes us backstage at Stockholm`s Södrateatern to meet two very different musical and theatrical personalities.



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Dennis Prager – 2007-04-23



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The US – That’s the Ultimate With Dennis Prager

Prager H2: In the Sunday NYT Magazine, there’s a moving story about a Filipino woman who makes good money in Saudi Arabia to support her family in the Philippines. But the US is where she really wants to go… Yesterday was Earth Day. The Prager Show wants to do its bit. Dennis talks to Dr. Steven Hayward, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute and co-author of Index of Leading Environmental Indicators 2006. Turns out that things might not be so dire on mother earth; in many cases actually getting better.


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The TaxPayers League

Taxpayers League hr 1: Crazy Democratic Tax Proposals

Guest Rep. Tom Emmer, Deputy Minority Leader of the MN House, talks about crazy democrat tax proposals.


Taxpayers League hr 2: Left-Wing Bias in the Media

Guest Dan Gainor, Director of Business & Media Institute talks about left wing bias in the media.



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Waiting on Podcast.


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Kidnapped Swedish girl returns after Syria disappearance

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A 17-year-old Swedish girl who went missing in Syria under mysterious circumstances has returned home after six weeks, the Swedish foreign ministry said on Saturday.”She returned home the day before yesterday,” spokeswoman Ã…sa Arvidsson told AFP.

The ministry would not comment on the circumstances of the girl’s disappearance.

According to the Swedish media, the girl was kidnapped during the early hours of March 9 while she was on holiday with her brother.

Her family, who live in Sweden, were said to have received an anonymous call saying she was being held by four men and one woman in Syria, tabloid Expressen reported.

The Svenska Dagbladet daily said on Saturday that the girl contacted the Swedish embassy in Damascus herself and was given help to return home.

Swedish police are investigating her disappearance.

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