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May 31 2007

Swedish Woman Sentenced For Forcing Daughter to have Female Circumcision

The Swedish Supreme Court has now made the final ruling in the case with the 43-year old woman from Mölndal who is charged with, during the summer of 2001, having had her daughter undergo female circumcision during a visit to Somalia.

The sentence is set to three years in prison.

The woman also has to pay 450 000 Swedish Crowns (300 000 for the pain and suffering due to the circumcision and

150 000 for “violating the peace”) to her now 17-year old daughter.

The 43-year old woman herself has denied committing any crime and says that she hasn’t even been abroad at all since she came to Sweden in 1995.

The daughter nowadays live with her father in Gothenburg.

(Sweden introduced the first law of the Western world against female circumcision in 1982)

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