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Jul 11 2008

Islamophobic hate crimes in Sweden

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May 12 2008

SWEDEN: Bicycle lover charged with sexual harassment

This guy definitely gives a whole new meaning to the Queen song “Bicycle”… “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” – but not after HE’S been riding it!!!

Bicycle lover charged with sexual harassment


The 40-yearold man from Östersund who was charged with having used several women’s bicycles as sex objects was found not guilty on several of the charges. He is however guilty of three cases of sexual harassment and sentenced to pay for the damages he caused the three women in question.

During trial the man only confessed to the times where he had both cut the tires and left semen on the saddles of bicycles belonging to three women.

He stated that he was in a state of confusion for a couple of months after a separation during the spring of 2007.

On several occasions he had been following bicycling women that he found attractive and then used the parked bicycles as sexual objects, a ritual that always started with him cutting the front tire open.

The prosecutor charged him with having cut open several other bicycle tires in the exact same manner, something which the man has been categorically denying.

The 40-year old claims that he never cut any tires prior to the spring of 2007, and that he never “just” cut the tires, he always left other trace evidence of sexual activity.

The court agrees with the prosecutor that there is a strong reason to believe that the defendant is guilty of a number of tire cuttings, but finds that the evidence is not sufficient enough to prove it.

This specifically concerns an occasion when a great number of tires had been cut at the same time. The court’s ruling is to free him of five out of eight charges and convict him for the charges that he has confessed to, plus one additional charge.

The Östersund court states that especially one of the women has been the victim of severe harassment when she for several months lived in fear of the unknown stalker who repeatedly had assaulted her bicycle within eyes view from her apartment.

The sentence is equal to several months in prison, but considering the fact that the man has no previous convictions, already has spent time in jail and nowadays is undergoing treatment for his behavior, the court has decided on probation and a 10 000 Swedish kronor fine.

The man will also have to pay for the damages he caused three other women, a total sum of 3000 Swedish crowns.

Cykelälskare fälls för ofredande


Den 40-årige Östersundsbo som åtalats för att ha använt flera kvinnors cyklar som sexobjekt frias på flertalet åtalspunkter. Han döms dock för tre fall av sexuellt ofredande och att betala skadestånd till tre av de utsatta kvinnorna.

Vid rättegången erkände mannen enbart de tillfällen där han både skurit sönder däcken och lämnat sperma på sadeln på cyklar som tillhör tre olika kvinnor.
Han uppgav att han var i ett förvirrat tillstånd under ett par månader efter en separation våren 2007.
Vid flera tillfällen hade han följt efter cyklande kvinnor som han fann attraktiva och sedan använt de parkerade cyklarna som sexobjekt i en ritual som alltid inleddes med att han skar sönder framdäcket.
Åklagaren har åtalat honom för att på exakt samma sätt ha skurit sönder däck på ytterligare cyklar, vilket mannen dock kategoriskt förnekat.
40-Ã¥ringen hävdar att han aldrig skurit nÃ¥gra däck före vÃ¥ren 2007 och att han aldrig “bara” skurit i däcken utan alltid lämnat ytterligare spÃ¥r efter sin sexuella aktivitet.
Tingsrätten håller med åklagaren om att starka skäl talar för att den åtalade är skyldig till flertalet däckskärningar, men att bevisningen inte räcker.
Särskilt gäller det ett tillfälle när ett stort antal däck skurits vid ett och samma tillfälle. Domstolens slutsats blir att fria honom på fem av åtta åtalspunkter och fälla för de tillfällen har erkänt, samt ytterligare ett.
Östersunds tingsrätt konstaterar att särskilt en av kvinnorna utsatts för en allvarlig kränkning genom att hon i flera månader levde i skräck för den okände förföljare som upprepade gånger förgripit sig på hennes cykel inom synhåll från hennes bostad.
Straffvärdet motsvarar flera månaders fängelse, men med tanke på att mannen är ostraffad, suttit anhållen och numera sökt vård för sitt beteende stannar man vid villkorlig dom och 10 000 kronor i böter.
Mannen döms även att betala skadestånd till tre kvinnor på sammanlagt dryga 3 000 kronor.


Nov 01 2007

US Shark attack on Iraqi Village

This was something else. We had to check to see if this was an April’s Fools thing but it is not. Below is our English translation of the Dagens Nyheter article. We added a picture to simulate a “US Shark attack” on Iraqis if the attack in fact did occur as Reuters reports the Iraqis believe.

We haven’t seen an actual Reuters picture of the US Shark attacks against Iraqi Villages but we imagine they will be published shortly.

Iraqis Allege US Shark Attacks

Dagens Nyheter reported on October 3oth

Iraqi fisherman caught a shark in his net

A two meter long shark got caught in a net last week that a fisherman cast out into the river Euphrates. Now, the local population is nervous that there might be more sharks in the river, according to Reuters.

“I recognized the fish as a shark since I have seen one on TV”, the fisherman, Karim Hassan Thamir says to Reuters.

The shark was pulled out of the river Euphrates near an irrigation canal, not far from Basra in southern Iraq and about 124 miles/200 km from the sea. According to Dr. Mohamed Ajah at Thi Qar University in Nassiriya sharks usually do not get that far up the river due to the barriers.
“In this case I believe that the shark was there for a long time without anybody discovering it”, says Mohamed Ajah to Reuters.

But many of the local population believe that the American military was behind the shark suddenly turning up. A teacher felt that it probably was a “75-percent chance” that they would have put the shark in the water, and one of the fishermen in the area agrees with him.
“This is hugely intimidating to us. Our children always swim in the river and I believe that there are more sharks there. I believe that the USA is behind this”, the fisherman Hatim Karim says to Reuters.

Publicerad 30 oktober 11:23

Irakisk fiskare fick haj i nätet

En två meter lång haj fastnade i förra veckan i ett nät som en fiskare vid floden Eufrat lagt ut. Nu är lokalbefolkningen oroliga för att det finns fler hajar i floden, enligt nyhetsbyrån Reuters.


Sep 21 2007

UN Welcomes a load of Iran’s Ahmadnejihad

So, we have Iran’s Ahmadinejihad traveling to New York City to address the United Nations General Assembly this Sunday. This is not a real problem, he is after all The President of Iran. As a member of the United Nations, Iran is within it’s rights to address the General Assembly. The irritation I find is two part. First as an American and a former Native Born New Yorker, the mere existence of the United Nations on America’s soil offends my sense of reason. The United Nations is a gathering of Nations that include dictatorships, military Juntas and just plain criminals. The hypocrisy and elitism oozing out of the many diplomatic buildings surrounding the United Nations Secretariat complex makes my head spin. I see no reason to continue the level of funding for a UN that reaps of corruption, displays an inability to reform and prides itself on ineffectiveness. So the first irritation is just the UN itself.

The second irritation is that Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and Sudan are listed as Terrorist States by the US Government. The idea that members of these countries’ diplomatic core are permitted to walk through the streets of NYC with American citizens outrages me.

Iran has been in a race to refine nuclear fuel and it is believed that Iran intends to produce nuclear weapons. The USA, The European Union and The United Nations Security Council have all agreed that Iran must cease its URANIUM ENRICHMENT and come into compliance with Security Council Resolution 8792 by August 31, 2007. Today, I believe(wish) the Security Council will meet and review Iran’s compliance and possibly begin the formation of stronger diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran. If you payed attention with the Iraq farce you realize that UN resolutions are watered down and almost entirely ineffective. This time around we may see more movement. France has recently been doing some saber rattling and there have been some whispers within the EU itself regarding stronger actions against Iran.

Iran’s President expressing a desire to pose for a “photo op” at the “Ground Zero” site for the pleasure of his fellow countrymen who celebrated the death of Americans on 9/11 should not be permitted to occur. Diplomatically, I do not believe there is a way to stop his small motorcade and assigned US Secret Service security detail from visiting there or anywhere else within NYC while he is on his diplomatic mission. What needs to be done is the total isolation of Iran. All diplomatic relations with Iran should be restricted. The United States, The EU and The United Nations should force the recall of all non-essential Iranian diplomatic personnel both at the United Nations and throughout the nations of the world. All Iranian foreign service members should be restricted to their embassies. Movement of Iranian foreign service members should be limited to travel between diplomatic missions and pre-approved trips to and from airports. No Iranian official should be allowed to travel via air unless prior Security Council approval has been gained. Sadly this just isn’t going to happen.

This weekend Iran’s diplomats will arrive in New York, enjoy the sites and services of the city and even possibly participate in speaking engagements throughout the city. Columbia University, a bastion of anti-western culture has invited Ahmadinejihad to speak at their University on Monday.

This evening I plan on listening to broadcasts from America and see if the public in New York City will mobilize and produce significant protests in response to Iran’s diplomatic presence, Iran’s Terrorist policies and Humanitarian & Women’s Rights record.

Ban Ki-Moon had a few brief comments the other day at a press briefing which I have included below. In addition I have included the opening text and link to SC 8792. Today’s Security Council meeting regarding Iran’s compliance to SC 8792 may very well set the tone for Ahmadinejihad’s address on Sunday of the General Assembly.

I hope everyone back home in the New York City area gives Ahmadinejihad the appropriate welcome and treatment during his visit to America.


Latest Remarks

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 18 September 2007

New York – Secretary-General’s press conference

Thank you very much, and I will be pleased to answer your questions.

  • Q: Mr. Secretary-General, welcome again, on behalf of the United Nations Correspondents Association.In the last few days, the war of words has really increased on the issue of nuclear capability in Iran. You have heard what the French Foreign Minister has said about going to war against Iran. I wonder, in your role as Secretary-General, what you can do to bring back the issue to the level of negotiations. Unless you do something, the tensions will increase between western nations and Iran to the point where the United Nations, at some point, cannot stop the issue from going out of control.
  • SG: I have stated publicly many times my position – the United Nations position on Iranian nuclear issues. As a matter of principle, all the pending issues, whatever it may be, should be resolved through dialogue in a peaceful manner. That is a very important principle which the United Nations is seeking.Concerning these specific questions, I encourage Iran to be fully cooperative and transparent in dealing with the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] and to implement the work plan they have agreed with the IAEA. I sincerely hope that this agreement between Iran and the IAEA will contribute to the final and overall settlement of the nuclear issue of Iran by fully complying with the relevant Security Council resolutions. That is the core in addressing this issue.
Full Text

31 July 2006

Security Council


Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Security Council

5500th Meeting (AM)



Resolution 1696 (2006) Adopted by Vote of 14 – 1 ( Qatar),

Iran Says Peaceful Programme No Threat, Council’s Consideration Unwarranted


The Security Council, seriously concerned that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was still unable to provide assurances about Iran’s undeclared nuclear material and activities after more than three years, today demanded that Iran suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development, and gave it one month to do so or face the possibility of economic and diplomatic sanctions to give effect to its decision.

Adopting resolution 1696 (2006), under Chapter VII, by a vote of 14 in favour to 1 against (Qatar), the Council expressed its conviction that such suspension, as well as full, verified Iranian compliance with the IAEA Board of Governor’s requirements, would contribute to a diplomatic, negotiated solution that guaranteed Iran’s nuclear programme was for exclusively peaceful purposes.

The 15-member body called on Iran to without further delay take the steps required by the IAEA Board of Governors in its resolution GOV/2006/14, which it said were essential to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful purpose of the nuclear programme and resolve outstanding questions. It, meanwhile, underlined the international community’s willingness to work positively for such a solution and encouraged Iran to reengage with the international community and IAEA.


More – SC Resolution 1696

Aug 05 2007

Sweden: Cop Shooting Manhunt – Update

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Update on:

Sweden: Police Officer Shot – Manhunt (Yesterday)

The last update tells us that they now have one man in custody, suspected of involvement in the shooting. The man was one of the people that the police talked to during the night.

They also believe that they have found the car that was used – it’s a DARK car (I thought it was silver colored?) with a damaged front window.

The police also want to come in contact with the driver of a RED car that was standing behind the silver/dark/whatever colored car, and then was seen speeding away in the opposite direction.

It’s still VERY sketchy… Wouldn’t you say? Rolling Eyes

Monkey PrincesswPeeWeeSigVIQUEEN

Jun 29 2007

HIV Secrets in Sweden

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Not too long ago here in Sweden, there was an English guy who intentionally had contacted young girls over the Internet, met with them and had sex with them.The man was HIV positive, and as far as we know he has infected at LEAST three young women with the HIV virus.

Now there is another case of keeping HIV a secret – this time a woman who held her HIV infection secret through nine years of marriage AND giving birth to two children!

It is a 40-year old woman living in Skåne (south of Sweden) who just got sentenced to 2½ years in prison by the court of appeals. This is the same prison sentence that the district court had decided on.

The woman found out that she was HIV positive in 1987, and at the time she was given a life expectancy of only a few years. With better medicine that was developed later on, her health improved radically.

In the nineties, the woman met the man who later became her husband, and never told him about the infection. They got married and had two children, and the woman never once told anybody about her infection.

Fortunately, neither the husband nor the children were infected with the HIV virus!

The couple are divorced today, and the woman is now facing 2½ years in prison – and she also has to pay damages to her ex husband and their two children. The husband is to be payed 175 000 Swedish Crowns (the district court had wanted him to receive 250 000) and each of the children are to be payed 150 000 Swedish Crowns.

She underwent a psych evaluation when the case was brought up in the court of appeals, and was considered mentally fit.

The woman’s behavior still seems very strange to me…

I don’t remember reading about exactly HOW the fact that she was HIV positive was discovered, but if I come across the news story on that one, I will let you know about it.

A creep like the English man, who liked to fool young girls into having sex with him, somehow it isn’t as hard to understand in a way that he kept his disease a secret.

But a young woman who falls in love, marries someone and then has children – what keeps you from telling the people you love that you have this infection? How can you live with the fact that you might be infecting both the man you love AND your own CHILDREN – and how can you not tell them about it?!?

It’s a strange world, I guess…


Straffet fastställs för hivsmittad


Den 40-åriga Skånekvinna som i nio år hemlighöll sin hivsmitta för sin familj döms av hovrätten i Malmö till två och ett halvt års fängelse. Därmed fastställs tingsrättens dom.

Hovrätten väljer däremot att sänka det skadestånd som kvinnan ska betala till sin tidigare make, från 250 000 kronor till 175 000.

Vardera barnet tilldöms liksom i tingsrätten ett skadestånd på 150 000 kronor.

Enligt hovrätten gjorde sig kvinnan skyldig till försök till grov misshandel när hon trots sin smitta hade oskyddade samlag med sin man och skaffade sig två barn med honom.

I Helsingborgs tingsrätt dömdes hon förra året till samma straff.

Hovrätten är inte enig i sin dom. En av juristerna och en av nämndemännen vill i stället döma kvinnan till ett års fängelse för brottet framkallande av fara för annan.

Kvinnan var bara 19 år då hon 1987 fick reda på att hon var hivpositiv och sannolikt bara hade ett par år kvar att leva. Sedan dess har hennes hälsoläge radikalt förbättrats genom bromsmediciner och när kvinnan på 1990-talet träffade mannen som skulle bli hennes make hölls hon tyst om smittan.

Men varken maken eller barnen har smittats och under rättegångarna har det ifrågasatts om det egentligen funnits någon reell smittrisk, eftersom virusnivåerna i kvinnas blod varit mycket låga.

Helsingborgs tingsrätt bedömde att faran var verklig och dömde därför för försök till grov misshandel. Inför prövningen i hovrätten yrkade åklagaren på skärpt straff, medan kvinnan begärde att bli frikänd.

I samband med rättegången i hovrätten har hon genomgått en rättspsykiatrisk undersökning där hon bedömdes som psykiskt frisk. Men enligt både en läkare och en psykolog skulle kvinnan fara mycket illa av ett fängelsestraff.

Hivkvinnan dömd till två års fängelse

Hovrätten fastställer tingsrättens dom

Hon höll tyst om sin hivsmitta, hade under nio år oskyddade samlag med sin man och födde två barn. I dag gick hovrätten på tingsrättens linje och dömde kvinnan till två och ett halvt års fängelse.

I Helsingborgs tingsrätt dömdes kvinnan förra våren till två och ett halvt års fängelse för försök till grov misshandel.




Läs också:

Hivsmittad vill slippa fängelse “Jag skulle aldrig medvetet skada min före detta man eller mina älskade barn”
Åtalad hivkvinna psykundersöks Hemlighöll sin smitta i nio år för maken
Hiv-kvinnans ex-make: “Skärp straffet” Den 39-Ã¥riga kvinnan dolde sin hiv-smitta – i nio Ã¥r
Dolde hiv i nio år – överklagar sin dom Både maken och barnen klarade sig från smitta – nu vill kvinnan bli frikänd

Kvinnan var bara 19 år då hon 1987 fick reda på att hon var hivpositiv och sannolikt bara hade ett par år kvar att leva. Sedan dess har hennes hälsoläge radikalt förbättrats genom bromsmediciner och när kvinnan på 1990-talet träffade mannen som skulle bli hennes make hölls hon tyst om smittan.
– Jag skulle aldrig medvetet skada min före detta man eller mina älskade barn, förklarade den 40-åriga kvinnan snyftande när rättegången mot henne i hovrätten i Malmö.
Men hovrätten gick på tingsrättens linje och dömde kvinnan till två och ett halvt års fängelse för försök till grov misshandel.
Däremot valde hovrätten att sänka det skadestånd som kvinnan ska betala till sin tidigare make, från 250000 kronor till 175 000.
Vardera barnet tilldöms liksom i tingsrätten ett skadestånd på 150 000 kronor.

HÃ¥llt tyst om smittan
Paret fick två barn tillsammans och inte heller i samband med förlossningarna berättade kvinnan om sin smitta. Hon anses också ha utsatt barnen för smittrisk genom amningen.
Men varken maken eller barnen har smittats och under rättegångarna har det ifrågasatts om det egentligen funnits någon reell smittrisk, eftersom virusnivåerna i kvinnas blod varit mycket låga.
Helsingborgs tingsrätt bedömde att faran var verklig och dömde därför för försök till grov misshandel. Inför prövningen i hovrätten yrkade åklagaren på skärpt straff, medan kvinnan begärde att bli frikänd.
I samband med rättegången i hovrätten har hon genomgått en rättspsykiatrisk undersökning där hon bedömdes som psykiskt frisk. Men enligt både en läkare och en psykolog skulle kvinnan fara mycket illa av ett fängelsestraff.

Jun 25 2007

Midsummer in Sweden – drunkenness, fights, rape, accidents and death…

Midsummer’s Eve was according to the police “no worse than an ordinary Saturday” – at least here in the Gothenburg area. The heavy rain is most likely the reason why there was very little trouble to be found. A handful of people were taken into custody due to assault, but other than that it has been a very peaceful Midsummer.

Along the west coast about 50 people were taken into custody for drunkenness, a few drunken minors were taken care of as well and one person was arrested for drunk driving. Still, this is what would be expected on an average weekend, according to the police.

Out in Frölunda, one man was arrested suspected of assault at a camping. According to the police, there were two men in their 30’s that had been assaulting a bunch of teenagers at the camping. One teenager was taken to the hospital.

After the heavy rain tapered off around 9 pm at night, trouble hit the streets again…

At a camping south of Halmstad (south of Sweden) there were fifteen people who fought with knives and brass knuckles.

At least ten cars were stopped due to drunk driving at another camping west of Halmstad.

In Lysekil up the west coast the police had confiscated a large amount of beer from minors, and poured it out on the site.

On Gotland, two young men had fallen off the same cliff, south of Visby, but they had no connection to each other. One of the men was only injured, the other one died from the fall. The injured man was rescued, the rescue operation took an hour. How the rescue crew could miss spotting the other man is unknown – he was found dead on Saturday only 40 meters away from where the injured man had been. However, the rescue took place in the middle of the night, and it is unknown when the other man fell down the cliff.

One man died after a motorboat crashed into a sail boat in the Stockholm archipelago.

Another man drowned in a harbor outside Söderhamn.

In Östergötland, one man was reported missing after a boat ride on the lake Glan. He was found dead on Saturday.

In Örebro, one man was arrested after a rape in an apartment.

A teenage girl was raped at a camping at Borgholm on Öland.

In Norrköping, a man had been seriously injured after being stabbed with a knife in his head, chest and abdomen. He was rushed to surgery.

There has also been a number of traffic accidents…

In Halmstad a car was driving on a bicycle/walkway (!), and the car crashed, leaving one man dead and another injured.

In Falun a 16-year old girl died, and two men were injured. The three of them (!) were on a four wheel motorcycle, and collided with a tractor.

In Vällingby a car slammed into three light posts, then crashed into a big rock, flipped over and caught fire. The three men in the car managed to get out alive, but two of them were injured. Apparently the car was going “a bit too fast” at the time of the accident.

In Jämtland there were three car accidents involving drunk drivers, none of them were serious, the people involved weren’t injured, but they will be charged with drunk driving.

“No worse than an ordinary Saturday”…

Jun 06 2007

Hand Grenade Thrown at Swedish Home

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On Sunday in Sweden, a Gothenburg man in the community of Näset found that a hand grenade had been thrown into his yard. The man said that after finding it he considered throwing it into the lake. The police said that the hand grenade from the former Yugoslavia, was a M52 P3 live hand grenade but had not detonated.

The families nanny had found the grenade in the bushes originally and the man moved the hand grenade from the bushes and called the police.

The owner claims he has no idea or reason why anyone would throw the hand grenade into his yard. He states there is no reason for anyone to want to intimidate him or his family.

The police however in Gothenburg do not believe in coincidences and are investigating the matter. The Hand Grenade was taken to Sisjöns skjutbana (Sisjön’s Shooting Range) where it was destroyed safely.

Hand Grenades in Gothenburg? How could this be? Someone should make a law to ban them!!!

Swenglish Rantings Radio – 070605


Sweden, Jihad and Terror in Africa

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Why Do Swedes Travel To Jihad Terror Camps?

Why do we seem surprised when Swedes are killed in war zones?

Another “Swede” has made the papers after being killed during an attack on a Islamic Militant stronghold in Samolia.The governor of the Barri Region, Mussa Jelle Yusuf, stated Americans were targeting “an al-Qaeda hideout.”
The dead Swede was said to be among a number of citizens of western countries killed in the attack. The Swedish Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it did not have any official information about a missing Swede in the region.

He said the Foreign Ministry did not have current records of the number of Swedes in Somalia, but added that “we discourage people from going there, due to the current situation.”

Well you travel to a camp that is a member of an extremist Islamic Militant Group that is currently engaging in one of the worst genocides in Africa, you are killed during an attack and the only thing that Swedish Left of Center Newspapers are concerned with is that you have Swedish Citizenship and you were killed by the USA?

When will Sweden’s Journalists stop siding with terrorists?

Jun 05 2007

The Swedish People Have Lost Their Balls of Steel

No More Balls In Sweden

Is it humor or is it just plain STUPID behavior? Provoking people, intimidating them, humiliating them, scaring them, ruining an otherwise good day for them – is that really entertainment?

“Balls of Steel”, the TV-series that hasn’t even been AIRED yet sure has managed to get a lot of attention.

But what recently has been discussed back and forth in the media really isn’t any GOOD publicity.

“Balls of Steel” is suppose to be a humor series, the idea comes from a British series with the same name, and the “special guests” in the series are suppose to perform stunts, holding their nerve during hidden camera set-ups, by being juvenile and stupid in the presence of celebrities or the Swedish public. Somewhere in the program idea there is also suppose to be a competition kind of thing, but the whole concept just sounds ridiculous to me…

Just HOW funny is it to be on the receiving end of one of these pranks?

Just ask the Swedish prime minister, who thought he was going to be interviewed on TV when he attended the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but instead got soaked with water… How fun was that?

Or ask the Swedish singers Carola and Markoolio, they too got splashed by the TV-team… “They should be happy that we do the ‘nice version’ and only use water, in the British series they squirt ink”, was one of the comments the TV-team had made after the incident with the soaked prime minister.

Or ask the people at the mall, who thought they had walked right into a robbery, with security personnel chasing a thief – how fun was it for these people to be scared half to death, how funny is it to go through an ordeal like this and then find out that it was suppose to be a JOKE!?!

“Humiliation TV”?!? If they want to do it to themselves, in a TV-studio, that would be much better if you ask me. At least then the public will be spared from their…, what was it again – their “juvenile and stupid” show!

Shortly after being squirted, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was interviewed on Television here in Sweden. He came off very well. He took it is stride, kept his head and did not lose his temper. I was outraged that this kind of stunt was pulled on our Prime Minister. This was not only stupid but dangerous. visions of Acid Bombers went through my mind in the days following the prank. The Government officials of Sweden do not isolate themselves from the public. In public they respond to questions and when they appear on TV debate shows they are warm and interactive. I do not want this relationship between the public and the government to change.

‘Balls of Steel’ stop rolling

Published: 1st June 2007 09:19 CET
Online: http://www.thelocal.se/7474/

SVT and Strix have agreed to cancel production of the television comedy series ‘Balls of Steel’ following widespread criticism of a practical joke involving Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Production company Strix had been in the process of recording on behalf of national broadcaster SVT a Swedish version of the British Channel 4 show.

Just over a week has passed since a woman posing as a television reporter squirted water at the prime minister with a trick microphone outside the Rigoletto cinema. Fredrik Reinfeldt was attending the premiere of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie with his family at the time.

The incident led to the Strix employee being called in for questioning by the Swedish Security Service, which struggled to see the funny side.

“SVT and Strix are in agreement that we should take a break from recording. Every joke, however innocuous, is considered provocative right now,” SVT spokeswoman Helga Baagöe told Aftonbladet.

A number of further sketches have also been criticized in recent days.

A fake theft at Kista Galleria in Stockholm is a case in point. As the ‘Balls of Steel’ cameras rolled, the thief made off with a some items of clothing and was chased around the busy shopping center by security guards. A number of elderly people were almost knocked over before the thief was finally caught by a civic-minded shopper.

“We haven’t been able to record during the last few days as a result of the moral panic that has emerged. People have become terrified of the program,” Robert Aschberg, head of Strix, told Aftonbladet.

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