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May 26 2007

Swedish Terrorists back home and have Explaining to do!

What pops into your mind when you think of Somalia?

Do you think of a hot tourist spot that thousands of Swedes flock to each holiday?


Me Neither!

So we must ask, what were FOUR SWEDES doing in the middle of a WAR in Somalia and why were they captured fighting for the extremist Islamic Warlords and terrorists?

Who were these three Swedes that were held on charges of terrorism by the Ethiopian military? We have not been provided their names. How about we call them Sven, Björn and Ingemar. Two of the Terrorists held Swedish Citizenship and one had permanent residency. As a matter of fact we have a picture of the three Swedish Terrorists when they were released and sent back home to us in Sweden. Below is the picture.

Sven, Björn and Ingemar the three Swedish terrorists who were recently released by Ethiopia and are now home in Sweden. I guess Sven, Ingemar and Björn are the Swedish looking ones?

Why did the “Swedes” travel to a war in Somalia and why were they captured fighting for Islamic Extremists by Ethiopia? The Swedish Government issued a “RESERÃ…D”, a Travel Advisory to all Swedish Citizens. All Swedish Citizens were warned not to go to Beautiful Somalia and if you were Swedish and in Somalia you were advised to leave the country.

12 maj 2006 SomaliaUtrikesdepartementet avråder sedan länge från alla resor till Somalia.Utrikesdepartementet uppmanar även de svenska medborgare som redan befinner sig i Somalia att lämna landet.Sverige har ingen ambassad i Somalia. Det är ambassaden i Nairobi, Kenya, som sköter de svenska förbindelserna. Utrikesdepartementet har därför mycket små möjligheter att hjälpa nödställda svenskar i Somalia.http://www.sweden.gov.se/sb/d/3436
May 12th 2006 SomaliaFor a long time now the Foreign Ministry has advised people not to travel to Somalia.The Foreign Ministry also advices Swedish citizens already in Somalia to leave the country.Sweden has no embassy in Somalia. It is the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, that takes care of the Swedish connections.
The Foreign Ministry therefor has very limited ability to help Swedes in need in Somalia.http://www.sweden.gov.se/sb/d/3436

Maybe you have come to the same conclusions that I and many others have about these three “SWEDES”. In my experience if a building is on fire you get out. The people who run to the fire are the firemen. There must be a reason to travel to a country at war and go to the part of the country being run by Islamic Extremist Terrorist Warlords.
In addition to the three Swede Terrorists that came home last week there was a 17 year old Swedish woman who is happy to be home with her mother where her future child will be better taken care of then back in Somalia with the Islamic Terrorists.




Above is Helena Benaouda the Swedish Mother of the Pregnant Swedish Teenager, Seventeen year old Safia who was released at the end of March, after being held by Ethiopia for suspicion of Terrorism in Somalia.
As you can see in the photo to the left, Helena is very happy to have her daughter back home in Sweden. The problem now is that we now have a pregnant 17 year old “Swede” her fiancé who was released last week and we assume will be joining her shortly now have to pay for a wedding and a make accommodations for the future baby Swede. How will they afford this? We know Helena must be thinking the same thing about her future Son-In-Law. She knows he was detained in Africa on Terror charges but does she know if he has any other job skills? Swedish authorities are now questioning the men concerning their activities down in Somalia. This weekend I checked the Travel section in the Swedish newspapers and to my surprise I found no Holiday Tour Packages for Somalia. Newspapers are now reporting that none of the three “Swedes” can tell the same story twice, nor do any of them seem to tell the same story at the same time. How could this be? It seems that even the far left of center Swedish media is turning on these Terror suspects who were championed as persecuted “Swedes” only weeks ago. Now we have our terror suspects back home! The story seems to be much different now.

While held on Terror charges by the Ethiopian Authorities Swedish officials who visited the men say they received no indications of mistreatment.One of the men suspected of terrorist activities by the Ethiopians told Swedish public radio that they were sometimes taken to a room to be whipped.

“They would try to strangle us, saying: ‘today you will tell the truth. If you don’t tell the truth we will cut you to pieces’. They strangled me until I passed out,” one of the “Swede” terror suspects stated.

The Swedish Terror Suspect says that he showed his injuries to staff from the Swedish embassy. After looking extensivly through the numerous media reports here in Sweden and in the English media we have found no such report that the Swedish Terror Suspects were tortured, abused or anything but detained and questioned by foreign intelligence groups regarding their knowledge of and participation in terrorist activities. The ambassador and other embassy staff members, a foreign ministry official and the Swedish Security Service, all these people visited the three Terror Suspects, and none of them reported to have seen any signs of torture.One of the Swedish Terror Suspects insisted:

“Yes, I showed my hands. I think there was also something on my throat that I showed,” he said.

The Swedish embassy in Addis Abeba helped bring the Swedish Terror Suspects back home to Sweden where they will pick up where they left off. We assume one of the men will marry the pregnant Swedish Teenager who was released in March.

Human rights organizations as normal criticized Ethiopia for holding the prisoners and not allowing them to continue to engage in terrorist activities.

Earlier in the month, With several weeks having passed since the last Islamic Riots in RosengÃ¥rd, Malmö, Sweden had been stepping up it’s pressure and was demanding the immediate release and return of the three Swedish Terror Suspects. The foreign ministry summoned Ethiopia’s ambassador in order to hand over a formal protest.

At first Ethiopia rejected the demands, saying that “the suspects of terror, whatever their nationality, should be brought to the court of justice”.

Sweden’s foreign ministry was not been given an explanation for the about-turn, and nor was it clear if the suspicions against the Swedes remain.

“I have no information about the details of the release. All along, we’ve demanded that they [the Ethiopian authorities] either give us an explanation of the legal grounds for the arrests or let them go free,” said Cecilia Julin. Many of us just feel that Ethiopia is holding the lid down on the powder keg we call Somalia and they figured that if Sweden was so hell bent on having another three Islamic Terror Suspects back home and wandering the streets, so be it.

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