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Apr 26 2007

Murder Threats against Swedish Psychiatric Clinic

A former patient at the psychiatric clinic at Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset has on several occasions threatened to kill a doctor who refused to prescribe narcotics to him. Now the psychiatric unit is guarded around the clock.

The staff at the clinic are obviously disturbed by these threats.

The former patient is a man in his fifties, and on two occasions he has come by the clinic to ask his former doctor to give him narcotics.

Of course the doctor refused, basing the decision upon the fact that the man no longer needs any psychiatric care, and definitely not is in need of any narcotics.

The man has then made death threats against the doctor.

The police were called to the clinic once, to arrest the man. He was however later released, only to break in at the clinic to, as he himself has stated, kill the doctor

The police were called to the clinic a second time, and the man was arrested, and later released, just like before.

Then the staff at the clinic decided to keep the doors locked, and later they hired a guard that is posted outside the entrance day and night for protection.

This is the first time ever that something like this has happened at the clinic, and the entire staff is very worried.

The police are investigating the matter.


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Apr 19 2007

The Swedish Spring Budget Walk

Finance minister Anders Borg took the annual Budget walk the other day, as he brought the Spring budget propositions from the Finance department to the Government building. This was his second budget walk during his time as Finance minister, a walk that isn’t more than 200 meters, but due to all the press asking questions along the way takes him 20 minutes to complete.

Here is a brief summary of the proposition:

Wealth taxes are being repealed this year.

Property taxes are being repealed and replaced with a community fee of 4500 crowns in 2008.

Income taxes for workers is lowered even further during 2008.

Lowered employer’s taxes in 2008, among other things the VAT accountability periods are going to be longer.

Extra support for communities that take in refugees.

Job guarantees for young people ages 16-24 from December 2007.

Half a billion crowns are invested in improving the environment in the Baltic Sea.

An “environmentally friendly car bonus” of 10 000 crowns is given to those who purchase such a car, starting in April this year.

500 million crowns is being put into improving the psychiatric care in 2008, and another 250 millions in 2009.

One billion crowns is put aside during 2008-2010 in order to develop vaccines against pandemics.

Half a billion crowns is being invested in environmental technology up until the year 2010.

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