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May 31 2007

Last Day for Swedish Firearms Amnesty

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Today, Thursday May 31st, is the last day of the Swedish Weapons Amnesty. During the three months that the amnesty has been going on, the police in the Västra Götalands region has gotten around 2000 weapons that have been handed in anonymously.

The weapon amnesty began in March. The thought behind the amnesty is that the number of illegal weapons in the country will decrease. Without the risk of being charged with illegal possession of firearms it has been possible to just go to the police and hand in weapons.

-With the help of the weapon amnesty we can gather up illegal weapons. A lot o these weapons have for example been stolen from homes where the person has passed away, says Ingemar Nilsson, police commissioner in Västra Götaland.

Sweden does have a large amount of weapons, many active hunters and a great deal of weapons passed down through generations. In the Västra Götalands region there are 86 000 holders of weapon licenses and 217 600 registered weapons. Every year 2200 weapons are being reported stolen or misplaced throughout the country.

The first time that Sweden had a weapon amnesty was in 1993 and then the police in the Västra Götaland collected2121 weapons and parts of weapons and 2 tons of ammunitions.

This year it has been a bit slower. The police estimate a lesser amount of weapons, but more ammunition.

Exactly how many weapons have been handed in is still unclear. On June 10th they will have completed the count. After that the results are to be reported to the government.

Among the weapons handed in to the police in Västra Götaland there is everything from historical weapons to modern automatic weapons. All weapons that have been handed in that no one makes a claim for (some of them have been stolen and will be given back to the rightful owner if possible) end up at the governments criminal technicians laboratory where they will be destroyed.

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May 23 2007

Sweden: Gun Bandits Hold Up Willys Supermarket

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A Willys grocery store in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg
was robbed right before lunch time. The police have gotten tips
regarding the robber and are out looking for him.

According to the police, the robber is between 20 and 30 years
of age. The store staff has stated that he is a regular customer at
the store. There has been tips coming in about the man, the police
have a name and an address and are looking for the man in the area
around his apartment.

The man used a pistol like object during the robbery. The moped
that he fled on was found shortly after by a nearby school.

It is still unclear whether the man got away with any money.

No one was physically injured during the robbery.

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