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May 16 2007

Dump nuke waste in Sweden

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A few weeks ago we found out the radical left wing in Sweden wanted to run Sweden’s health care system as an assembly line abortion factory for all of Europe. Now we find out that profiteers want to turn Sweden into a nuke waste dumping ground.

WTF is going on here?

Sellafieldt, the world’s largest nuclear plan has signed an agreement with nuclear services group Studsvik to ship waste to Sweden.Reactive steel and fuel bottles from the plant in Cumbria will be sent to Sweden, where Studsvik will separate the waste from the metal before sending it back to the UK.It is hoped that the move will go some way in addressing the problem of the lack of space in the UK for the treatment of nuclear materials.At present low-level waste is stored at Drigg in Cumbria, while more dangerous waste is kept at the Sellafield plant, which is managed by British Nuclear Group (BNG).

A Sellafield spokeswoman told North-West Evening Mail: “We are looking at innovative ways of allowing recycling and re-use of materials as part of our decommissioning operations.

“It is only a trial at this stage and no decision has been taken on whether or not to send large quantities of materials to Sweden in the future. We have not reached that stage yet.”

It is understood that the waste will be sent on commercial ships leaving the east coast of Britain, rather than on BNG ships.

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