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May 03 2007

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WEDNESDAY, May, 2nd, 2007

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Today’s Swedish Name Days are Filip and Filippa – Grattis pÃ¥ namnsdagen, Happy Name Day from us to you.

Since we didn’t do our radio show yesterday, as it was May Day, we would like to say Grattis pÃ¥ namnsdagen, Happy Name Day to Valborg as well!

Gothenburg: Drunkenness and Violence during Valborg Celebrations

Gothenburg: Woman attacked with Knife and Robbed

Naked Man In streets of Gothenburg, Sweden

Blood Trail leading from Pool of Blood with Broken Teeth

Stockholm: Highways shut down for illegal Street racing

Moscow Violence, EU Protest and Estonia moves Monument

Ethnic Swedish Cultural Pre-Schools

Re-opening of the Observatory in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg

IT crimes committed using public computers

Find out what two people have to say about The News and Life here in Sweden!!!

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Radio Sweden

Radio Sweden



Marches, flag waving … promises. May Day speeches in cities and towns throughout Sweden focused on cuts in social welfare benefits, power swings and unemployment. Eurovision fever is spreading through the music world once again. But does the land of ABBA have a chance this year? And … drivers and putters – it may be golf, but not as we know it. Our sports editor finds out why the Swedes are undisputed kings and queens of European disc golf.



BREAKPOINT with Chuck Colson – 2007-05-02



Tactfully, Winsomely, Persuasively: Arguing Dungy-Style
Just a week after Marine Corps General Peter Pace received heavy criticism for his statements about homosexuality in the military, Super Bowl champion coach Tony Dungy waded into similarly unfriendly waters. He accepted an award from the Indiana Family Institute, a leading supporter of an amendment that would uphold heterosexual marriage.


Daily Commentary  

Daily Commentary – 2007-05-02


Michael Medved: What About the Barbaric Killers?

The Democrats deliberately distort their intentions in the current debate on the Iraq War. They say their withdrawal timetable will “end the war”–but it’s ludicrous to suggest that removal of U.S. troops will suddenly stop the fighting.




Jerry Crimmins
Journalist and author Jerry Crimmins discusses his latest book, Fort Dearborn: A Novel. Originally aired 04/26/07.


Dennis Prager  

Dennis Prager – 2007-05-02




Bush Vetoes Surrender Bill
Prager H1: We won’t lose the Iraq war militarily, but we may lose it politically. But let’s also understand the consequences of leaving.



Global Warming Fraud, Part 23
Prager H2: A very strong argument against the Global Warming panic mongers comes from a very unlikely source, the Leftist columnist for The Nation, Alexander Cockburn… Dennis continues his discussion of GW’s veto of the Iraqi withdrawal bill.



Suicide Killers
Prager H3: Dennis talks to Pierre Rehov, French documentary film-maker whose new film, Suicide Killers, has just been released on DVD.



Hugh Hewitt – 2007-05-02

Hugh Hewitt’s Blog


Richard Shelby, John Hinderacker Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh discusses the veto by President Bush regarding the supplemental appropriations bill, and has little good to say about George Tenet’s new book. John Hinderacker talks about Powerline’s new candidate forum.


Brigadier General David Phillips Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh gets an update from Baghdad on how the country’s police forces and criminal justice system are being stood up by Brigadier General David Phillips. Later in the hour, Hugh takes calls about the Army’s decision to end mil-bloggers.


Glenn Reynolds, John Podhoretz, Matt Burden Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh discusses the bad decision by the Army to ban mil-bloggers, and discusses Israeli politics, and the freefall in the popularity of the Olmert government with New York Post columnist John Podhoretz.


Mike Medved  

Michael Medved – 2007-05-01



This is Mike Medved for Tuesday… missed the feed yesterday!


Mission Accomplished?
Medved H1: Medved comments on the Rosie’s comments on Iraq and clarifies that George Bush did not say, “mission accomplished.”



Rudy Giuliani
Medved H2: Former Mayor of New York and presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani joins Michael Medved.



Did Iraq cause an increase in global terror?
Medved H3: Is the war in Iraq at fault for the increase in global terror? Also, the band Rage Against the Machine is back in a big way.



JaySekulow – 2007-05-02


Jay Sekulow Live

Stop Pro-Abortion Legislation
Very troubling legislation has been introduced in Congress – legislation that would enshrine abortion into law. Stand with the ACLJ and protect life.



Brit Hume‘s Political Grapevine


Special Report



Neil’s Common Sense – 2007-05-02

Neil Cavuto


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