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Apr 26 2007

Sweden: Elderly & Sick must pay for Flu Shots

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The Västra Götalands region refuses to give out free flu shots – despite th fact that the number of vaccinations have decreased and the risks for old and sick are greater now than before.

Swedish Healthcare

The region is one of three Swedish regions that still charges old people and people with certain illnesses or diseases, the high risk groups.

No FREE flu shots for more then 270,000 high risk people in the Gothenburg area

Approximately 270 000 people in the region are in the high risk group, and they still have to pay the 100 crowns in order to get their flu shots.

Every year 2000 elderly die from the flu, or side effects of the flu, such as pneumonia. Hospital care for people with severe flu costs a lot more for Sweden than the flu shots would.

Very few young people within the risks group get vaccinated, and that is also something that ought to change. Just because you are young doesn’t necessarily mean that you are strong enough to handle a flu.

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Apr 24 2007

Swedish Prostitution/Trafficking Court Case

Two of the pimps involved in the big court case here in Gothenburg have now confessed to their crimes. One man and one woman are now confessing to the charges against them.

20 men are being charged with having bought sex from Russian prostitutes.


We have a friend who lives in the Netherlands, where prostitution is LEGAL, and the other day when I was talking to her in instant messages, she said she was going to watch Oprah. She said that she didn’t really like the constant commercial breaks, though – I said well who does – and she then told me that at night time (one would hope way after all Dutch children have gone to bed!) the commercials on TV are mostly about sex, call girls, clubs, you name it! That’s one of the downsides with living in a country that has made prostitution legal, I suppose…

(Prostitution in the Netherlands has been legal since January 1988, when it was defined as a legal profession. However, prostitutes must be at least 18, while for non-commercial sex the age of consent is 16. Clients must be at least 16. Violation of either age limit is a crime for the other party, and possibly for a pimp.

The legalized status allows prostitutes to have access to the social security system, since 1996 sex workers have paid income tax, and reforms in 1999 gave prostitution the same status as any other form of labor. Prostitutes form unions, and are otherwise treated like any other self-employed trades person. Advertising their services is likewise tolerated.

Health and social services are readily available, but the women are not required to undergo regular health checks. A recent study found that despite health rules, about 7 percent of Dutch prostitutes have HIV/AIDS. )


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Apr 19 2007

Swedes Continue to suffer long waiting time at ER

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Every third person that gets signed in at the ERs around Gothenburg has to spend more than 4 hours of waiting before they are considered fully cared for.

A lot of this might have to do with people coming to the ER with problems that aren’t exactly considered an emergency, and instead should be dealt with by a district nurse or a regular doctor.

A large number of beds at the Gothenburg hospitals are occupied by patients that the communities aren’t bringing back home to nursing homes and service homes, patients that really don’t need the special hospital care anymore – this in its own turn has to do with the lack of homes available for the elderly and sick. This affects the ERs, as they have trouble getting emergency patients signed in to wards due to lack of beds.

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