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Feb 25 2007

Clintons and the Dems

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If you yell louder, or own all the Newspapers, Cable Stations and Hollywood what you say must be TRUE!

This is the Democratic Party

Jan 30 2007

We Do Not Need Another Clinton

She can’t remember hundreds of things under oath!

She can over look the Disrespect she is shown by her Husband.

She says one thing one day and another thing another.

Unless you are a Koolaide drinker Hillary Clinton is not for YOU!!

Jan 04 2007

France Vs. America

Some people say Americans hate the French. This is not exactly true. The French view all other countries as inferior and their people as peasants.

Americans generally deal with people one on one. If you meet an American he will look you in the eye and deal with you as an individual. Americans generally will not hold being born in France against you.

In reality most of the France-USA rivalry comes from the French and their own feelings of stemming from the faded memory of their slave powered empire. Haiti recent celebrated a bicentennial of being free from the shackles of French Slavery.

The people of the USA remember how corrupt French politicians and businessmen traded illegally with Saddam in violation of the trade sanctions. Americans remember how greed always is the single most important factor in French Political decisions. Trading with the enemy is ok if you make a profit. A decade of suffering for the Iraqi people was fine as long as key businessmen got rich along with Saddam and his band of killers.

This time around France did not join America to finish the job that should have been done after Iraq violated the terms of the cease fire the first time. The Left Wing Media refuses to acknowledge the simple fact that Iraq violated the terms of the Cease Fire 17 times since the Gulf war. One violation was a plan to assassinate a former President of the USA.

A media that enjoys dinners and gifts from dictators and monsters cannot be trusted to report the facts.

So what, France did not join the British with the USA and dozens of other countries. During the first Gulf war of the 100s and 100s of thousands of troops that fought the Iraqi forces and beat them out of Kuwait only 16,000 or so were French troops(white surrender flags at the ready) and only a few hundred were German who never even set foot in Iraq staying in safety in Turkey.

France’s big problem is FRANCE, They need to get over it.

The USA is a constant reminder to France that it is insignificant.

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