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Jun 06 2007

Hand Grenade Thrown at Swedish Home

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On Sunday in Sweden, a Gothenburg man in the community of Näset found that a hand grenade had been thrown into his yard. The man said that after finding it he considered throwing it into the lake. The police said that the hand grenade from the former Yugoslavia, was a M52 P3 live hand grenade but had not detonated.

The families nanny had found the grenade in the bushes originally and the man moved the hand grenade from the bushes and called the police.

The owner claims he has no idea or reason why anyone would throw the hand grenade into his yard. He states there is no reason for anyone to want to intimidate him or his family.

The police however in Gothenburg do not believe in coincidences and are investigating the matter. The Hand Grenade was taken to Sisjöns skjutbana (Sisjön’s Shooting Range) where it was destroyed safely.

Hand Grenades in Gothenburg? How could this be? Someone should make a law to ban them!!!

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