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Apr 23 2007

Sweden To Be The Baby Grinder of Europe

Many people in Sweden are opposed to the proposition to open up Swedish Abortion clinics to the entire population of the European Union. The question has been asked, why should Sweden’s already burdened Health Care System now be flooded with a stream of women from every European Country.Swedish People are saying that Sweden should remain prominent as a Business, Tourism and Trade destination and not become notorious for being an Abortion Tourism Destination.

It is strongly felt by many that the medical procedure of abortion should be available to all women. At the same time it is also believed to be a practice that is all to common. Abortions should be rare.

Sex education should again focus on birth control and safe sex and not be focused on the politics of groups seeking special treatment for various sexuality. Sex education should be Sex Education and not political and social indoctrination.

Sweden should not have the shame of being the baby grinder of Europe.

Abortion law battle rages on

The Christian Democratic Party’s suggested new law on abortion would give foreign women only in Sweden temporarily to have abortions at Swedish hospitals.

This is being highly criticized by – people within the Christian Democratic party!

It is the Swedish Social minister and Christian Democratic Party leader Göran Hägglund who now is handing in the suggestion, despite the critique from within his own party.

Several Crhistian Democratic Party members now fear a wave of “abortion tourism”, and openly attack the fact that Hägglund has been the one pushing the issue.

In February two church leaders wanted to get a boycott going against the government alliance.

The government is also going to work out a national plan in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies, and a work group will be chosen for this.

Hägglund himself says that the way he sees it the woman herself is the one who is suppose to make the decisions. Turning down this new proposal might be forcing twomen who could have been helped here in Sweden to have illegal and unsafe abortions performed in her home country.

He sees this proposal along with the national plan as a way to FEWER abortions, not MORE.

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