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May 30 2007

Sweden’s Green Party Picks GAY Fight With Russia

This Weekend marked the 14th year of the abolishment of the criminality of homosexuality in Moscow. While being homosexual is no longer a crime, homosexuality has not been forced by Russia’s Government and Militant Gay activists into Russia’s schools, government institutions and culture. Russia is still by and large a people with traditional values, much like the people throughout the western world. Here in the Western world tolerance is interpreted by indoctrination and any thought or spoken word that is not in harmony with GAY activists is called Homophobic.

Moscow does not want this seen in their streets, Why?

Many people believe that what homosexuals do or how they live their lives is of no concern to the rest of society except when laws and policies are adopted to force society to not only tolerate but actually embrace the homosexual lifestyle. This is evident in many countries by the forced schooling of children and forced re-education of employees. Many people hold religious beliefs and moral values that are diametrically opposed to Homosexuality. This does not mean that violence or discrimination against homosexuals should take place or be condoned by our governments.

What Parent Wouldn’t want to bring their Child To See this?

I personally do not want to see the Sunday Wife Swappers Parade, The Annual Bondage and Discipline Parade, or the various Bug Foot Squasher Sex Parades. The Furries Parade might be fun for the kids to see, as long as the other activities that are on public display during these parades is not displayed. Many people are offended by the naked, near naked, and simulated Sex presentations of Marchers and bystanders in Gay parades.

Why do people think that marches like this should be allowed in every city in the world?

That said, I have been in New York City to see the Village Gay Parade. Like many, I laughed at the antics, costumes and extravagance of the participants. I am not Gay, but I sort of think that if I were GAY I would take offense to the comical characters that are portrayed in todays TV shows. Why does being GAY have to take on the role of being the freak show or comic relief? The representations certainly do not represent the lifestyle of most people in the homosexual community. That is sort of what I think about the parades. Why does it have to be in the middle of town and demonstrate the most extreme elements of the gay life style within communities that by and large do not share the values exhibited and are forbidden by law to express their disapproval?

Not for Nothing, I don’t mind seeing something like this

everyday of the week but you know even my wife

doesn’t want this paraded past me on the Streets.

I know lots of families that for one reason or

another think that the kind of activities

that go on at these parades are

Not Suitable For Public Viewing.

My wife and I have been watching this British TV-series, “New Street Law” (here in Sweden it is called “Advokaterna pÃ¥ New Street”). One of the characters in the series is gay… That’s it – he has a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend, and that’s all there is to it! There is no joking around about this, it is a serious show, he is not the funny sidekick or the comic relief in any way, he’s just doing his job like everybody else, and is treated like everybody else. We really like the show, and the fact that one of the characters is gay, well – it just shows how things OUGHT to be. “He’s gay” – so what?!? There really IS no need to go on and on about it, he doesn’t flaunt it and noone makes jokes about it, that’s just the way it is…

Russia 14 years ago removed the legal prosecution of homosexuality, today they do not want extravagant Gay Parades in the middle of Moscow. Moscow’s Mayor Yuri Luzhkov had called the gay pride parades “Satanic” and vowed that it would never be permitted in his city, this was with respect to the Russian Orthodox Church and in keeping with the sentiment of the majority of his citizens. There are no laws in Russia like countries of the European Union that force people to embrace homosexuality. Homosexuality in Russia is legally tolerated but not endorsed, promoted or taught.

This past weekend 40 or so people flew to Russia knowing the parade was not granted a permit and that any action to cause a public spectacle would be illegal. The purpose of the plane trip to Moscow was to cause trouble and make headlines in the World Newspapers and Television. That goal was achieved. The consequences of their actions on the gay community in Russia have not been measured yet.

What are the plans for the Gay Parade in Gaza, Riyadh, and other places in the world where homosexuality is not even legal?

In an effort to aggravate Russia more, a group of Swedish politicians have invited Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov to attend Stockholm’s Gay Pride festival on August 4th of this year.

Stockholm city council Green Party leader Yvonne Ruwaida states “We have invited the mayor to visit our festival and to see how we work with HBT (homo-, bi- and transsexual) issues here. It is important to deal with homophobia,”

“Homophobia” is the catch word to demonize anyone that does not embrace homosexuality or the policies that the homosexual movement are pushing. In practice, if you do not agree with anything the gay movement says, then you are homophobic.

The Russians Feel This is not Proper Street Attire.

Many people feel the same.

Some feel that the display of sex and

performance of sex acts is a private matter,

not something to be paraded.

Go Figure?

This in your face legislating morality has gone pretty far, too far. People should have a right to engage in a lifestyle of their choice. I do not feel that someones selection of sexual partner should be a lightning rod for discrimination or violence. It is however, a totally different story to force that lifestyle down the throats of those that do not share those values, and use legal means to indoctrinate the rest of society in a minority culture.

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