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Jun 25 2007

Midsummer in Sweden – drunkenness, fights, rape, accidents and death…

Midsummer’s Eve was according to the police “no worse than an ordinary Saturday” – at least here in the Gothenburg area. The heavy rain is most likely the reason why there was very little trouble to be found. A handful of people were taken into custody due to assault, but other than that it has been a very peaceful Midsummer.

Along the west coast about 50 people were taken into custody for drunkenness, a few drunken minors were taken care of as well and one person was arrested for drunk driving. Still, this is what would be expected on an average weekend, according to the police.

Out in Frölunda, one man was arrested suspected of assault at a camping. According to the police, there were two men in their 30’s that had been assaulting a bunch of teenagers at the camping. One teenager was taken to the hospital.

After the heavy rain tapered off around 9 pm at night, trouble hit the streets again…

At a camping south of Halmstad (south of Sweden) there were fifteen people who fought with knives and brass knuckles.

At least ten cars were stopped due to drunk driving at another camping west of Halmstad.

In Lysekil up the west coast the police had confiscated a large amount of beer from minors, and poured it out on the site.

On Gotland, two young men had fallen off the same cliff, south of Visby, but they had no connection to each other. One of the men was only injured, the other one died from the fall. The injured man was rescued, the rescue operation took an hour. How the rescue crew could miss spotting the other man is unknown – he was found dead on Saturday only 40 meters away from where the injured man had been. However, the rescue took place in the middle of the night, and it is unknown when the other man fell down the cliff.

One man died after a motorboat crashed into a sail boat in the Stockholm archipelago.

Another man drowned in a harbor outside Söderhamn.

In Östergötland, one man was reported missing after a boat ride on the lake Glan. He was found dead on Saturday.

In Örebro, one man was arrested after a rape in an apartment.

A teenage girl was raped at a camping at Borgholm on Öland.

In Norrköping, a man had been seriously injured after being stabbed with a knife in his head, chest and abdomen. He was rushed to surgery.

There has also been a number of traffic accidents…

In Halmstad a car was driving on a bicycle/walkway (!), and the car crashed, leaving one man dead and another injured.

In Falun a 16-year old girl died, and two men were injured. The three of them (!) were on a four wheel motorcycle, and collided with a tractor.

In Vällingby a car slammed into three light posts, then crashed into a big rock, flipped over and caught fire. The three men in the car managed to get out alive, but two of them were injured. Apparently the car was going “a bit too fast” at the time of the accident.

In Jämtland there were three car accidents involving drunk drivers, none of them were serious, the people involved weren’t injured, but they will be charged with drunk driving.

“No worse than an ordinary Saturday”…

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