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Apr 19 2007

Frölunda, Sweden Kidnap and Robbery

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Went to the ATM, but got kidnapped and robbed

Shortly after midnight yesterday, a man went to take out some money from a money machine. One hour later he reported to the police that he had been robbed and taken away in a car as he was standing by the money machine.

When he stood by the machine, a car pulled up behind him, and three men jumped out. They threatened him with knives and demanded him to take out money and give it to them.

As it turned out, the machine wasn’t working, so the men covered his head with something and forced him into the car.

They then drove to the next working money machine, where the man was forced to take out money.

The men grabbed the money, and then drove off, leaving the man standing. He then managed to walk home to his apartment and contact the police.

He wasn’t physically hurt. No one has been arrested for the incident as of yet.

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