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Apr 17 2007

Fires and Riots in Racially Troubled Malmö, Sweden

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Malmö a city in Southern Sweden suffering from economic and social problems erupted again this weekend. Southern Sweden known for it’s high Islamic population and ethnic street gangs clashed with fire and police who were responding to fires set in garbage rooms in buildings within the community of RosengÃ¥rd.

When will the immigrant population within this community and other communities throughout Europe make efforts to integrate with western society?

What will it take for European governments to wake up and realize there are real problems with mass immigration and far too little assimilation.

Honor killings, female circumcision, religious extremism and attacks against western values, citezens and society must be stopped.

The governments and the left wing media have to stop pretending a problem does not exist. Avoiding the problem and not writing about the problem will not make the problem go away. What happened in Malmö this past weekend has all the markings of being a lead up to the riots we have seen all too often in Paris.

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Youths clash with police on Malmö estate

Published: 15th April 2007 12:09 CET

Online: http://www.thelocal.se/7002/

Youths throwing stones and eggs came to blows with police and fire officers in Malmö’s RosengÃ¥rd housing estate on Saturday night.

At two points in the evening the demonstrators were judged so threatening that fire officers refused to enter the area without a police escort.

The troubles started at about 7:30pm when police received a call from a member of the public alleging that they had been threatened. A police patrol went to Ramels Väg in Rosengård to respond to the report, and while officers investigated youths gathered and started throwing stones.

By 8:30pm around 15 young people were throwing stones and eggs at police.

When the fire brigade arrived to extinguish a fire in a warehouse on the same street, the stone-throwing youths turned on fire officers.

“Because of this and because the situation is tense in the area, the emergency services will from now on wait for the police before entering the area,” the emergency services said in a press release on Saturday night.

“The emergency services will also send extra resources in the event of an alert,” the statement continued.

By 11pm two warehouses were burning on Ramels Väg. Extra police had to be called in to protect the fire brigade as they battled to extinguish the blazes.

The situation had quietened down by midnight, emergency services said.

Police said that no arrests had been made, although officers have made formal reports alleging that they were the victims of assault.

The Rosengård estate is known for suffering from high levels of unemployment, and for having the highest concentration of immigrant communities of any area in Sweden.

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