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May 30 2007

Gunshots At Swedish Police In Stockholm – Armed Bandits Escape

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Robbers opened fire on police officers in Stockholm on Tuesday
following a raid on a secure cash transport vehicle.

The police got an alarm shortly after lunch time, about a security
guard being robbed of the bags of money that he had just collected at
a Konsum grocery store. The robbery was carried out as the guard
returned to his vehicle outside the store in Täby, in northern

The armed robber escaped together with an accomplice, who was
waiting in a getaway car nearby the cash transport.

The robbers made away in the car, and were later seen by a witness
changing into a green Volkswagen Passat in Roslags Näsby. They
then drove towards central Solna, also in the north of Stockholm.

Police caught up with the car, whereupon the robbers fired shots
at the police car.

The police immediately stopped their car, at that point it wasn’t
a good idea to pursuit the car chase. The police were completely
surprised when the men opened fire, and did not respond to it.

It is not known how many shots were fired. Apparently a gate post
of a nearby house had been shot at, the police were examining bullets
and bullet holes on both the police car and the gate post.

The getaway car was abandoned on Östervägen in Solna,
which has now been sealed off by police.

Neither the police officers nor the security guard were harmed
during the robbery.

An investigation has been started into the incident, according to
police spokeswoman Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs. Both getaway cars have
been impounded by police, and witnesses in the area are being

Apparently, the two robbers continued on foot, and as they are
both armed, the police have about 30 patrols out, heavily armed with
machine guns, wearing bullet proof vests, scouting the area, as well
as several helicopters.

When the second getaway car was found, the police sent a SWAT team
to an address nearby where the robbers might be hiding out, and they
entered the house and stormed two apartments where they thought the
robbers might be hiding – only to find them both empty.

The police had sealed off the area around the house where they
thought the robbers might be hiding, and several other apartment
houses around it had been sealed off as well, the people living there
had to go in and out through back doors all afternoon. The house
where the suspects were believed to be hiding was completely off

Apparently they now have descriptions of what both men look like,
they didn’t wear masks or anything, but as of yet the police does not
want to go into any more details.

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