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May 23 2007

Communist Leader does a European Union “John Kerry”

Should Sweden Stay In EU? Sweden’s Communists Left still says “Yes”

Sweden’s Communist Party, now stealthily known as the Left Party has been against membership and interaction with the European Union from the start. This should be no surprise as Sweden’s Communists once publicly voice favor for the Communist Soviet Government. Now it seems that the former leader of Sweden’s communist party, Gudrun Schyman is now publicly reversing her opinion on participation in the European Union. While not embracing the EU she has recently stated that pulling out of the EU would be unintelligent”. Why would a former communist leader who is no longer in the leadership suddenly pull a “John Kerry flip flop?”

Communist Leader does a “John Kerry”

Will Sweden’s Left of Center political parties find their ranks infiltrated with former Communist Party Leaders? Sweden’s new moderate leadership is working against the well entrenched socialist and communist old dogs who have slowed Sweden’s economic growth. As long time communist leaders slide towards center we will all have to keep our eyes open. Old time Communists still in party power do not have reasons to voice a different opinion as Gudrun Schyman has done and as always hold to their “NO” to the European Union.

General Aspects of the Swedish Electoral System(English)

The Parliament of the Kingdom of Sweden, the Riksdag, is composed of 349 members directly elected by universal adult suffrage for a maximum term of four years.

Members of the Riksdag are elected by a two-tier proportional representation (PR) system. A total of 310 seats are filled in twenty-nine multi-member electoral constituencies. Permanent constituency seats, which are allocated among the constituencies in proportion to the size of their electorates, are distributed according to the adjusted odd-number or modified Sainte-Laguë method of PR. Voters may cast a ballot for a constituency party list, or for a specific candidate.

Europe’s Communists are Well Organized and it’s indoctrinated Youth Fights Blindly for Communist Growth

The European wide anti-communist campaign finds its expression in the anti-communist attacks that are in run in some European countries through the penalization of organizations and their activities, prohibition, imprisonment and torture of its members, establishment of anti-communist foundations, memorials and museums, forbidding of communist symbols etc.

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