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May 11 2007

Woman Looked Like a Whore, Stabbed Two Men In Sweden

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Taken for a prostitute – stabbed two men

The following took place a couple of weeks ago.

A 32 year old woman was in the area around Rosenlund, which is where most of the sex trade takes place in Gothenburg. Why she was there isn’t exactly clear, but it appears as if a drug buy was in process…

A man in his 40s came up to the car that the woman was sitting in together with a girl friend, and knocked on the window.

This is where things get a bit confusing.

The 40 year old man says he had intended to go to Rio Rio, a salsa club on board a boat in the canal, but it was closed. He wanted to know if the girls in the car knew about another place that might still be open. According to him the two girls asked if “he wanted something”, but he just wanted to go somewhere for a good time.

The 32 year old woman however says that the man had mumbled something about wanting a whore. She told him to leave, and then he got angry and started yelling and throwing rocks at them.

The rest is fact:

The woman got out of the car, stabbed a knife in the man’s chest and also cut him on his right buttock. Then the two women left in the car, only to return five minutes later. The 32 year old woman got out of the car again, this time she cut him in the face. She also hurt the man’s friend in the thigh.

The two men managed to hold the woman down until police and ambulance arrived at the scene.

Her girl friend later said that the woman “didn’t seem to be doing too good that night”.

When looking into it, the police say that the woman has previously been charged with possession of narcotics…

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