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May 01 2007

The New Kingdom of Europe – Sweden

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Only 40% of Swedes are in Favor Of the European Union

Wednesday in Stockholm. Professor Sören Holmberg, reported in Swedish Newspapers that a recent postal survey sent to 6,000 Swedes by the SOM Institute last autumn showed that only 40% of Swedes were in favor of the European Union.

Only 10 Percent of Swedes Think that adding Turkey to the EU is a good idea

Responses in the survey found Swedes do not want Turkey in the EU. In my conversations with Swedish people there is apprehension and sometimes anger that lesser developed countries are being admitted to the EU. Many people do not want the economic drain and others do not want the immigration problem to be compounded. When East and West, Germany was unified the economic burden was tremendous. Who benefits from Turkey being admitted to the European Union. Clearly Swedes do not feel Sweden benefits or the current membership of the EU would benefit.

Most Swedes also do not believe Swedish participation European Union Military Peacekeeping Missions is a good idea.

The European Union failed in it’s recent attempt at adaptation of a cohesive Constitution. In countries where the citizens were allowed to vote for the constitution, the EU constitution was rejected.

Who exactly is pushing this European Union down on the people of Europe?

Do the citizens of Europe benefit by the formation of a European Kingdom ruled by special interest groups and Liberal Elites?

The European Media and the Swedish media have all joined with the to put the most positive spin on the extension of powers of the European Union.

Swedes are angered when Swedish Laws are challenged by New EU Laws or when European Union Courts rule that Swedish Laws are subservient to EU legislation.

The majority of Europeans have not approved the adaptation of new constitutional powers for the European Union. The Elites and the media monkeys rant and rave about the European Union and insist on moving blindly into deeper commitments that erode individual nations sovereignty.

Aspects of the European Union regarding free trade have been been positive. There have however been conflicts and real problems do in fact exist.

Dangerous drugs are shipped daily into Sweden which are legal and unrestricted by EU Law but are in fact addictive and illegal under Swedish Law.

Believe it or not, but there are Social Welfare benefits that exist in the EU that have not been adopted, budgeted or planned for by the Swedish government. Who will pay for all the expected freeloaders now unrestricted by boarders within the EU?

There are more questions then answers when it comes to Sweden’s involvement in the European Union.

Caution is needed before we give the EU any more power over the Swedish government. Sweden should participate within the EU but maintain it’s own identity, sovereignty and Culture.

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