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Apr 21 2007

Sweden – Thousands of illegal weapons handed in to Police

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Three automatic weapons, Kalashnikov’s, are among the 4255 weapons that have been handed in during the one and a half months long weapons amnesty.

Slaughter masks and pistols in the shape of pens are other slightly odd objects that have been handed in to the police.

The weapons amnesty has been going on since the first of March, and the weapons have been coming in in a steady stream since then.

The most weapons, 770, have been handed in in Stockholm. Then comes the Skåne region where the police have gotten 503 weapons. Third is the Västra Götaland region that Gothenburg is a part of, with 294 weapons. 3800 kilos of ammunition has also been handed in. This is just during the first month, though, the amnesty continues until May 31st.

The last weapons amnesty was in 1993. The total sum of weapons during the first month back then was 1800, which is a much lesser number of weapons than this time around. However, the total sum of weapons handed in in 1993 was 17 000, along with 15 tons of ammunition.

The number of licenses in Sweden in February of 2007 was 2 millions, and these licenses belong to 650 000 people.

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