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Nov 01 2007

US Shark attack on Iraqi Village

This was something else. We had to check to see if this was an April’s Fools thing but it is not. Below is our English translation of the Dagens Nyheter article. We added a picture to simulate a “US Shark attack” on Iraqis if the attack in fact did occur as Reuters reports the Iraqis believe.

We haven’t seen an actual Reuters picture of the US Shark attacks against Iraqi Villages but we imagine they will be published shortly.

Iraqis Allege US Shark Attacks

Dagens Nyheter reported on October 3oth

Iraqi fisherman caught a shark in his net

A two meter long shark got caught in a net last week that a fisherman cast out into the river Euphrates. Now, the local population is nervous that there might be more sharks in the river, according to Reuters.

“I recognized the fish as a shark since I have seen one on TV”, the fisherman, Karim Hassan Thamir says to Reuters.

The shark was pulled out of the river Euphrates near an irrigation canal, not far from Basra in southern Iraq and about 124 miles/200 km from the sea. According to Dr. Mohamed Ajah at Thi Qar University in Nassiriya sharks usually do not get that far up the river due to the barriers.
“In this case I believe that the shark was there for a long time without anybody discovering it”, says Mohamed Ajah to Reuters.

But many of the local population believe that the American military was behind the shark suddenly turning up. A teacher felt that it probably was a “75-percent chance” that they would have put the shark in the water, and one of the fishermen in the area agrees with him.
“This is hugely intimidating to us. Our children always swim in the river and I believe that there are more sharks there. I believe that the USA is behind this”, the fisherman Hatim Karim says to Reuters.

Publicerad 30 oktober 11:23

Irakisk fiskare fick haj i nätet

En två meter lång haj fastnade i förra veckan i ett nät som en fiskare vid floden Eufrat lagt ut. Nu är lokalbefolkningen oroliga för att det finns fler hajar i floden, enligt nyhetsbyrån Reuters.


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