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Feb 02 2007

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Swenglish RantingsWeekend Radio

Friday, Febuary, 2nd, 2007

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Radio Sweden

Radio Sweden



Radio Sweden 2007-02-02

Life in Baghdad. We speak to an Iraqi-Swede who has returned to her home country to help plant the seeds of democracy. Child refugees arriving without their families are in the spotlight again in Sweden. Today, we take a look back at refugee children from another conflict – the thousands of Finnish War Children who were evactuated to Sweden during the Second World War.



BREAKPOINT with Chuck Colson – 2007-02-02


A Cut-and-Paste Ruling: Judging Intelligent Design

Maybe I am an idealist, but going back to law school, I have always respected judges. I believe they take seriously their oath to uphold the laws and the Constitution and to rule impartially. Sad to say, this judge apparently did not.


Daily Commentary

Daily Commentary – 2007-02-02


Give Petraeus a Chance

As the Senate and the House debate various resolutions on Iraq it is critical to keep in mind that General Petraeus, the new general on the ground in Iraq, and Robert Gates, the new secretary at the Pentagon, have both bluntly warned that resolutions are a bad idea. They serve as an encouragement to our enemies.



WeatherBrains – 2007-02-02

Weather Brains Bios

WeatherBrains Episode 53

January 30, 2007, 6:31 am Weather Brains episode 53 is now on the server!

In this week’s episode:

-Frigid cold air continues to pour into the U.S.;

-James Spann says some parts of the nation may deal with the coldest air in one or two decades;

-“A nice little snow strip” … James says residents along the I-40 corridor may be seeing snow within the next few days;

-Bill Murray says Alabama temperatures could drop into the single digits by weekend;

– A WeatherBrains Extra:  “Digging out at DIA” … How does a major airport like Denver International handle blizzards?  Kevin Selle talks with members of DIA’s Operations team whose job is to plan for, and react to, whatever Mother Nature throws their way;

-Brian Peters reveals something he used to do “just to irritate” others while working for the National Weather Service;

-Listener e-mail:  James tells how he got to know J. B. Elliott;

-A special WeatherBrains musical gift for Dr. Heidi Cullen of The Weather Channel;

Join James Spann, Kevin Selle, Brian Peters, J. B. Elliott, Bill Murray and David Black…

Weather Brains is a weekly 30 minute podcast for people who love weather. You can listen to the podcast anywhere on an iPod or any other MP3 player, or on your computer.

To subscribe, go to the iTunes Store, and choose “Podcasts”. In the search box, enter “Weather Brains”. On the next page, on the “Weather Brains” line click on subscribe.

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Jihad, Danger, World Predictions, and What You Can Do!

Insane News From the Rim, Gay Bears and more!


Countdown to WW III epi33

Wed, 31 Jan 2007 17:23:00 -0700

e paralells to WWIII now HAPPENING! Thanks to Audio Imagery “Chemical Realignment” “Lunar” DASJAMBO “The Battle” Devon Anderson “The End of a Rope” Father Rock “Top Ten” “Almost Tirge”



Weekend Journal – 2007-02-02


THWJ: “Deep Thoughts” by Jane Fonda, Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson

Salem hosts Medved, Prager, Parshall and guest columnist Mark Steyn comment on the multitude of “deep thoughts” by Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Jesse Jackson and others spoken at the anti-Iraq War protest; Hewitt grills former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe on the compatibility of his Catholic faith and his politics; and Al Mohler comments on moral dilemmas presented by modern science.





The Turning Point: Front & Center

Following the publication of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group report, the Democratic Party’s control of Congress and a revised line-up of military commanders and diplomats, the White House is embarking on its new strategy for the war in Iraq. In the aftermath of the execution of Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s government faces new tensions as it struggles to quell violence. Join John Callaway and his panel of experts as they explore the military and political implications of America’s policy in Iraq and the Middle East. Guests: Joseph A. Morris, Cherif Bassiouni, and William Howell. Originally aired 02/01/07.



Hello, Africa! Flag


This is a Great Program

We Love ‘John of Queens’ and ‘Frank of Staten’ Island!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Night of the Long Knives

Hello, Africa!

Former intelligence officer Gustav Muller speaks on recent developments of Uhuru, or “The Night of the Long Knives,” a plot being developed by blacks in South Africa to kill the Boerevolk and White Afrikaaners.

Based on hard news he has found in the local papers, Muller puts together the pieces. It seems blacks are openly being trained right now for a mass black-on-white attack in Johannesburg when Mandela dies (Night of the Long Knives). The labor strikes, roadblocks, train violence, armored money transit robberies and mass transportation of “commuters” have all been exercises to train for the big genocide attack a week after Mandela’s funeral.

According to the New York times, Mandela’s glass coffin is already in the country, as Siener van Rensburg, the old Boer prophet had predicted. These are all indications that the attack is weeks/months away from now.


Leftist Losers

Frank and John go after the Left-over excrement from the 1960’s, real Leftist Losers such as Hanoi Jane Fonda, who protested against the War in Iraq this week. Frank shows how their arguments are erroneously based and have no ground to stand on.

Kicking off Black Mythology Month, retired professor Mary Lefkowitz, Phd, discusses her book Not Out of Africa, which shows “how Afrocentrism became an excuse to teach myth as history”



Hugh Hewitt – 2007-02-02

Hugh Hewitt’s Blog


Friday February 2, 2007

Hillary Clinton at the Democratic winter meetings today, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell With Hugh Hewitt
Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh plays some of the stunning promises by Hillary today to fellow Democrats, including a promised end of the Iraq war once she becomes president, and then a quick visit from Mitch McConnell updating on the various Iraq resolutions in the Senate.


Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Clint Howard, John Campbell With Hugh Hewitt
Hewitt: Hour 2 – Fred and Charles discuss the political news of the week, Larry discusses the economic impact of a President Hillary Clinton, Clint Howard makes his traditional annual Super Bowl pick, and John Campbell doesn’t know anything about country music.


Emmett of the Unblinking Eye, Tarzana Joe With Hugh Hewitt
Hewitt: Hour 3 – Emmett’s list this week is the top ten movies that should have but didn’t make his top 100 list from last month. Tarzana Joe composes an ode to the distracted football fan from Cleveland.


Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager – 2007-02-02



It’s Groundhog Day With Dennis Prager
Prager H1: Dennis does his annual panegyric about the movie Ground Hog Day… The UN has finally released its most anticipated climate report. We are all doomed… An Arizona State student resists multi-cultural indoctrination and is placed on probation.


Happiness Hour: Are You A Prisoner of Your Emotions? With Dennis Prager
Prager H2: If you are, then you will have a difficult time achieving happiness. You need to recognize your emotional swings and control them – for own sake and the sake of others.


Open Lines With Dennis Prager
Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: has Dennis ever considered playing video games; what is a self-hating Jew; should one dissociate oneself from someone who uses the “n-word;” how do you make the case for traditional marriage.


Highlights of the week 02/02/07 With Dennis Prager
A compilation of clips from this past week.



Mike Gallagher – 2007-02-02


Friday February 2, 2007

William Arkin With Mike Gallagher
Mike was stunned at what this Washington Post columnist believes about our troops.


Mike Medved

Michael Medved – 2007-02-02



Friday February 2, 2007

Conspiracy Day With Michael Medved
Medved H1: Conspiracy Theory about Saddam Hussein not being executed; it was his double.


Conspiracy Day (2) With Michael Medved
Medved H2: Conspiracy Theory about the North American Union and a World Government.


Conspiracy Day (3) With Michael Medved
Medved H3: In this hour, Medved discusses various Conspiracy Theories.



JaySekulow – 2007-02-02


Jay Sekulow Live

Stand With Churches: The fight to keep churches from being labeled as grassroots lobbying organizations. With Jay Sekulow
Now is the time to stand with the ACLJ petition in challenging Congressional legislation aimed at reclassifying churches and non-profits as grassroots lobbying organizations subject to governmental regulation.



Young America’s Foundation – 2007-02-02

The Reagan Ranch Center

Thursday February 1, 2007

Steven Hayward: Reagan, Churchill and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders With Young Americas Foundation
Author and National Journalism Center graduate Steven Hayward reveals striking similarities between two of history’s greatest leaders: Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill.


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