bumbibear2006 (Ojjo)

This is the love of my wife the Teenager

The Monkey Princess

The Monkey Princess (The Woman I love)


This Is Me Entry, Entryreqrd or just PAUL

These People Are Our

Friends & Buddies


Freaked Spirit is Freaked Spirit what this means I do not know but my wife told me this




This is handle we both have known and liked him for a very very long time, he is good people in our book!


Hey Rekiah put up an Avitar or put one of your Pictures up!!! Love you Maria & Paul


This is Loki are buddy from the Netherlands- Keep rocking dude!!!


This is William a guy from New Hamshire but I do not understand all the talk about fishnet stockings - hey dude when we stop off in Vermont maybe you can hook up with Maria and myself!!!


This is Sara my Bud! Heart of gold and takes real good care of her kid and she is to scarce on the Internet

Panda P

Not for nothing Justy but I think Maria and I would like a pic or an Avitar from you I know Loki said you are dead set against it but we would like to see you, hugs from both of us and on top of all that Loki tells me you are a lot like Maria playing all those computer games!!! Well Whatever floats your boat we like you lots!!!

Denise B

Jan c




This is our little friend we like her lots and lots




This is Phoenix she is a red head with a personality to match, We like her too!!!


Silver, Silver and Steve we know them from way back they like us met in the same way, this Internet thing is a good thing at times if it can bring good people together with good people

Dancing Stars

Dancing Stars is a UK girl that is actually someone that really really dances pretty hot on her feet and has been highly rated in many competitions



This is Cushy we have known her for years always talks to my wife when I am sleeping, HOW does she know when I am sleeping?


Rainbow Hearts aka Snowbunnie friend from way back always has a kind word and a real pleasure to talk to


This is Shadow (MY SHADOW a kindred spirit and always dusts me with magic stardust when ever she sees me which makes me feel Special) Maria and I like her very very much she is a cool person and one of the more computer litterate people you will meet in the net

Susan p

Susie This Is Susie




Janis m

This is janis I think if I went on my hands would fall off telling you about Janis... He is Our friend and has many facets (Love you dude)



Good Man  - Even if he is a Brit


This is Hellokitty aka girlcat she is a nice person her husband is a dead head my wife is a poopy pants no no no girlcat is the one that is a nurse stop stop she keeps talking


This is Rabbitmatrix we hope good things after the awards ceromony congrats from both of us!!!


We both know Jabe for a long time Gentle Jabe Sweet laday we like her lots and likes fishing


This is Musicgirl420420 hey you think it is 420 yet or did you think I was hard of hearing... Hey we both like this hip chick from CHI Town


This is Ariel The Wife calls her mermaid She is an old old friend.


This is Frito/Fritter, an old friend to us both and a very nice person - like all of the people on this page of course!!!


This is Bella, an old friend and a nice person, with a taste for toga parties. If someone is mean to you, tell Bella and she will take them out to the parking lot - don't know what happens next but you have no problems anymore (does the dammit stomp and the hair flippy thing just like Bella)!


Stacey is a nice person and we like talking to her, we wish her a smile on her face every day!


This is blotter, or Peter Poet. He lives in the UK, and yes, he really DOES write poetry - don't you dare say it's a "girly" thing!!! We like Peter a lot

Ron h

This is Ron, a nice guy who has green thumbs (not green as in PAINTED, but he is good with keeping plants and flowers alive), talking to him is always a pleasure!


Louise is a very nice lady, talking with her has always been a true pleasure!


This is Snugglebunnie, aka Snugs, aka Noogles - I call her Bertha for no real reason other than it makes her a bit mad, but it is all in good humor... A very nice girl!!!




This is Lisa who lives in Australia with her son - she is a very good and kind person and we love her very much and wish her all the best always!


This is chris, or maybe it is tyler or maybe it is Christina - who ever is on the other end is always very nice and kind and sweet...


Aisling lives in Ireland, and she has always been a very good friend to us, we call her Wise One, not that she has all the answers or anything, but that is what she told us her name meant... we think...


This is masked soul... What more can we say, nice friend and so on... Keep smiling...


This is anna, the little owl girl, she is very cute and always very sweet!


This is Coop, a friendly guy who always has something good to tell or nice to say. We like him! I have no idea why Dwarf Chose this image for him, Sorry Dude I will come up with something more fitting