Swedish Woman Face Down In Mud In Pig Sty

The Pig Poo Was Too STRONG!!!

-So the story goes something like this. This 23 year old girl was working on a pig farm in Lindesberg. She had to use the toilet in the pig shed. While taking care of business, she started feeling dizzy. She got up from the restroom and walked into the sty area and suddenly passed out and landed face down in the Pig Sty.She was found with a cracked lip and taken to the hospital for an examination. She is absolutely fine now and back at work.Examination of the small toilet area revealed that the sewer trap had dried out allowing the gases from the manure to escape into the toilet area. The gases were of such a quantity that it is believed that the pig manure gases displaced the oxygen in the room and the woman became dizzy from oxygen deprivation and passed out after exiting the confines of the restroom. It was lucky she was able to remove herself from the restroom and escape to an air supply that was not starved of oxygen.-


Standard traps can dry out, allowing sewer gases to enter the building Traps should be designed with automatic primers to prevent entry of gases.

Ludvig Nilsson comment that we have never had this happen here before. He was glad she was OK. She suffered a cracked lip and some embarrassment but nothing else. Looking towards the future they will make sure that the trap does not run dry again by periodically pouring water into the trap to make sure it is both filled and fresh.

The event happened May 15 and has now been reported to Swedish Work Environment Authority that will check sewer gas leak and look into the general safety of the Pig Farm..

A note to home owners: I periodically check the sewer and sink traps in my home as I am often away for long periods of time. Evaporation can happen rapidly and if you do not run water into sinks and drains every once in a while you will have sewer gases leak into the house. While you may not become overcome with the lack of oxygen because a whole pig farms worth of manure gases sucks all the oxygen out of your bathroom, you may occasionally smell a foul odor.

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