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Mar 17 2007

Mother Watches 7yr old Ride Motor Bike through City

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7-Year-Old Arrested in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland,

Friday, March 16,

Reports from both the Baltimore Examiner and WBAL Radio’s Scott Wykoff tell a story of a seven year old child riding a dangerous motorized dirt bike in violation of city regulations while his own mother looks on. Even worse, when police confront the small child while still on this motor bike the small child’s mother engages in a shouting confrontation with the police.

Police approached seven year old Gerald Dinkins while he was on the Motorized Dirt bike and pulled him off of the bicycle and told him ‘Do you know what you did wrong, son?'” The mother was outside with her small child and was apparently condoning his illegally riding a motorized dirt bike on city streets, during the city’s well publicized policy zero tolerance law enforcement. She confronted and yelled at the Police officers apparently making quite a scene. At this time the small child became upset and ran upstairs into his home. After disengaging from the confrontation with the boys mother, the Police latter arrested Gerard and confiscated the bike. It was not reported if the the child had been wearing safety equipment such as a helmet or at what speeds the small child was racing through city streets.

Why would a mother allow such a small child to ride a motor bike that would have been illegal for an adult to ride on the streets? The child certainly is not to be blamed. for the misguided parental supervision. The small child at the only the age of seven must have been very upset seeing his mother confronting police while they were enforcing the well known public policy. A child that young could not have known as his mother and the whole community, that riding a dirt bike on city streets was illegal.

It is unclear at this time if this child’s mother has had previous incidents with child welfare or the police regarding her supervision of her child or other matters. The Associated Press did however feel the need to report that the zero tolerance policy of law enforcement has drawn complaints in poor black neighborhoods and the associated press felt it necessary to point out that this seven year old child that was with his mother while violating the city law was also black. The associated press did not report that the arresting police officer was also black.

Amid media and community pressure, Baltimore Mayor Dixon, and Police Commissioner Hamm who by the way are also black, stood together at City Hall to say the arrest of the 7-year-old was “wrong” and is being investigated. They did not further report that child welfare services was also investigating the conditions surrounding the supervision of the child which lead to the child’s arrest. It is also not known if charges were latter filed against the child’s mother.

It looks like we have a long way to go before the associated press and the rest of the media drop the blinders of racial bigotry. The color of a persons skin simply should not matter. Why should the color of a persons skin even be mentioned when a person endangers public safety or violates the law?


Feb 22 2007


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The Media and the Idiot Liberals drive me crazy.

When will they realize that guns, knives and drugs do not kill people?

Criminals KILL PEOPLE.

Remove the Criminals from society and crime drops.

The New York Times writes every few years “despite the drop in crime, the US continues to jail large numbers of people”.

Don’t they see the connection? The reason the crime rate goes down is because the people that commit crimes are in jail.

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