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May 12 2008

SWEDEN: Bicycle lover charged with sexual harassment

This guy definitely gives a whole new meaning to the Queen song “Bicycle”… “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” – but not after HE’S been riding it!!!

Bicycle lover charged with sexual harassment


The 40-yearold man from Östersund who was charged with having used several women’s bicycles as sex objects was found not guilty on several of the charges. He is however guilty of three cases of sexual harassment and sentenced to pay for the damages he caused the three women in question.

During trial the man only confessed to the times where he had both cut the tires and left semen on the saddles of bicycles belonging to three women.

He stated that he was in a state of confusion for a couple of months after a separation during the spring of 2007.

On several occasions he had been following bicycling women that he found attractive and then used the parked bicycles as sexual objects, a ritual that always started with him cutting the front tire open.

The prosecutor charged him with having cut open several other bicycle tires in the exact same manner, something which the man has been categorically denying.

The 40-year old claims that he never cut any tires prior to the spring of 2007, and that he never “just” cut the tires, he always left other trace evidence of sexual activity.

The court agrees with the prosecutor that there is a strong reason to believe that the defendant is guilty of a number of tire cuttings, but finds that the evidence is not sufficient enough to prove it.

This specifically concerns an occasion when a great number of tires had been cut at the same time. The court’s ruling is to free him of five out of eight charges and convict him for the charges that he has confessed to, plus one additional charge.

The Östersund court states that especially one of the women has been the victim of severe harassment when she for several months lived in fear of the unknown stalker who repeatedly had assaulted her bicycle within eyes view from her apartment.

The sentence is equal to several months in prison, but considering the fact that the man has no previous convictions, already has spent time in jail and nowadays is undergoing treatment for his behavior, the court has decided on probation and a 10 000 Swedish kronor fine.

The man will also have to pay for the damages he caused three other women, a total sum of 3000 Swedish crowns.

Cykelälskare fälls för ofredande


Den 40-årige Östersundsbo som åtalats för att ha använt flera kvinnors cyklar som sexobjekt frias på flertalet åtalspunkter. Han döms dock för tre fall av sexuellt ofredande och att betala skadestånd till tre av de utsatta kvinnorna.

Vid rättegången erkände mannen enbart de tillfällen där han både skurit sönder däcken och lämnat sperma på sadeln på cyklar som tillhör tre olika kvinnor.
Han uppgav att han var i ett förvirrat tillstånd under ett par månader efter en separation våren 2007.
Vid flera tillfällen hade han följt efter cyklande kvinnor som han fann attraktiva och sedan använt de parkerade cyklarna som sexobjekt i en ritual som alltid inleddes med att han skar sönder framdäcket.
Åklagaren har åtalat honom för att på exakt samma sätt ha skurit sönder däck på ytterligare cyklar, vilket mannen dock kategoriskt förnekat.
40-Ã¥ringen hävdar att han aldrig skurit nÃ¥gra däck före vÃ¥ren 2007 och att han aldrig “bara” skurit i däcken utan alltid lämnat ytterligare spÃ¥r efter sin sexuella aktivitet.
Tingsrätten håller med åklagaren om att starka skäl talar för att den åtalade är skyldig till flertalet däckskärningar, men att bevisningen inte räcker.
Särskilt gäller det ett tillfälle när ett stort antal däck skurits vid ett och samma tillfälle. Domstolens slutsats blir att fria honom på fem av åtta åtalspunkter och fälla för de tillfällen har erkänt, samt ytterligare ett.
Östersunds tingsrätt konstaterar att särskilt en av kvinnorna utsatts för en allvarlig kränkning genom att hon i flera månader levde i skräck för den okände förföljare som upprepade gånger förgripit sig på hennes cykel inom synhåll från hennes bostad.
Straffvärdet motsvarar flera månaders fängelse, men med tanke på att mannen är ostraffad, suttit anhållen och numera sökt vård för sitt beteende stannar man vid villkorlig dom och 10 000 kronor i böter.
Mannen döms även att betala skadestånd till tre kvinnor på sammanlagt dryga 3 000 kronor.


May 31 2007

Swedish Nanny Murder Follow Up

Killer Charged with murder may have committed more crimes

The 24-year old who is accused of having murdered the Croatian au-pair Jelena Ivanisevic out in LÃ¥ngedrag during the Easter holiday is now suspected of having committed several other crimes.

Two women recently reported that he had attempted to rape them, events that are said to have taken place in March earlier this year.

The reason why the 24-year old is now being connected to other criminal activities mostly has to do with his very characteristic appearance. He is extremely short and of Indian decent. When this description began circulating in the media, two women out in Västra Frölunda reacted.

About a month prior to the murder they claim to have been attacked by a man of just Indian decent and they could also in other ways describe a man matching the 24-year old’s appearance.

The 24-year old is now accused of three major crimes. One is a rape of a former girlfriend, back in January 2006. He was arrested at the time of the incident, but later released due to lack of evidence.

This investigation has been brought up again as the recent events has been shedding some light on what happened.

Then there is the double attempt of rape against two women at the end of march this year.

Third, but definitely not least – the murder of the 20-year old Jelena Ivanisevic in April this year.

According to the psychiatric evaluation, the 24-year old has absolutely no mental problems of any kind.

Friends of the 24-year old have testified that one of his major interests is girls, and he is considered as very fixated on sex. He also worked extra as a bartender at a porn club in the center of Gothenburg.

There are indications that might point to Jelena Ivanisevic having been sexually abused in connection with the murder, but the prosecutor and police have so far refused to reveal any details.

The prosecutor is going to hand in the charges against the 24-yearold, but as the case keeps getting bigger and bigger he has asked for a little more time.

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