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Jun 06 2007

Sweden, Jihad and Terror in Africa

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Why Do Swedes Travel To Jihad Terror Camps?

Why do we seem surprised when Swedes are killed in war zones?

Another “Swede” has made the papers after being killed during an attack on a Islamic Militant stronghold in Samolia.The governor of the Barri Region, Mussa Jelle Yusuf, stated Americans were targeting “an al-Qaeda hideout.”
The dead Swede was said to be among a number of citizens of western countries killed in the attack. The Swedish Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it did not have any official information about a missing Swede in the region.

He said the Foreign Ministry did not have current records of the number of Swedes in Somalia, but added that “we discourage people from going there, due to the current situation.”

Well you travel to a camp that is a member of an extremist Islamic Militant Group that is currently engaging in one of the worst genocides in Africa, you are killed during an attack and the only thing that Swedish Left of Center Newspapers are concerned with is that you have Swedish Citizenship and you were killed by the USA?

When will Sweden’s Journalists stop siding with terrorists?

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