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Apr 18 2007

Foppa’s Hospital Hockey Slippers Shock Hospital Staff & Equipment

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Peter “Foppa” Forsberg, the Swedish hockeyplayer, currently playing center for the Nashville Predators,  has been importing Croc’s slippers to Sweden.

These colorful slippers, that look like clogs, have become very popular among hospital personnel, just like a few years back it was popular to wear Birkenstock slippers now everybody wears the “Foppa slipper”.

But these brightly colored plastic slippers have caused serious problems at the hospitals. They can be tied to several cases where electronic equipment has malfunctioned.

Normally, static electricity that is built up when a person walks around, is discharged somehow and nothing happens at all. The “Foppa slippers” isolate the electricity, according to the Blekinge hospital these plastic slippers can be charged with up to 25 000 volts!

The problem was discovered in February, when the incubator oxygen mechanism at a prenatal ward malfunctioned. It was 2 little premature babies that had their oxygen supply suddenly turned off, and then on again, when someone with the slippers walked past them.

The slippers have already been banned in Norway.

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