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May 11 2007

Snus is still better than cigarettes

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The pros and cons of the Swedish snus (raw tobacco ground to a powder, rehydrated and “fermented” – very different rom chewing tobacco such as Skoal) has been debated over and over again. Today there is a total sales ban of snus in the rest of the EU countries, as well as in some countries outside the EU. A new study might shine some light on this whole issue. Swedish snus does not increase the risks of getting oral cavity cancer, nor lung cancer. It does however give a SLIGHTLY increased risk of getting pancreatic cancer, but the numbers are very low, so low that one wonders if it really is due to using snus – let’s say that 10 000 men have used snus for a period of ten years, then eight to nine of these 10 000 men will get pancreatic cancer. If you have a group of 10 000 men that neither used snus or cigarettes during that same period of time, then four to five of THOSE men will get pancreatic cancer.

Cigarettes are MUCH worse than snus, smokers are much worse off than snus users, but you don’t see any sales bans on cigarettes anywhere, do you?!? Still, there IS that smoking ban in public restaurants and so on… but SNUS doesn’t PRODUCE any smoke, so we can simply not understand why there is a sales ban on snus when you can buy cigarettes anywhere!

If smokers went over to using snus, sure, it’s still nicotine and it still isn’t absolutely healthy, but the smokers would live longer!

Apr 26 2007

Sweden: Elderly & Sick must pay for Flu Shots

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The Västra Götalands region refuses to give out free flu shots – despite th fact that the number of vaccinations have decreased and the risks for old and sick are greater now than before.

Swedish Healthcare

The region is one of three Swedish regions that still charges old people and people with certain illnesses or diseases, the high risk groups.

No FREE flu shots for more then 270,000 high risk people in the Gothenburg area

Approximately 270 000 people in the region are in the high risk group, and they still have to pay the 100 crowns in order to get their flu shots.

Every year 2000 elderly die from the flu, or side effects of the flu, such as pneumonia. Hospital care for people with severe flu costs a lot more for Sweden than the flu shots would.

Very few young people within the risks group get vaccinated, and that is also something that ought to change. Just because you are young doesn’t necessarily mean that you are strong enough to handle a flu.

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Apr 23 2007

Snuff use does not increase risk of heart attacks

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Scientists in Västerbotten have recently completed a study in order to determine whether snuff has any connetion with heart problems.They compared 525 men who had had heart attacks with 1700 healthy men.

Among the snuff users who had never smokes they found no increased risk of heart attacks. However, among the snuff users that previously had been smokers there was a slight increase.

This is the fifth study that shows NO CONNECTION between Swedish snuff and heart problems. One study made in 1994 did however show a connection.

Swedish snuff has been banned in all other Northern countries, except for Norway. Denmark and Finland does not sell Swedish snuff at all.

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