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May 18 2007

Swede Arrested for Breaking INTO JAIL

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A 47 year old man from Gothenburg is being charged with breaking an entry – into the police house on Skånegatan!This is an old incident, from back in 2005 around Christmas time.

The man had then earlier during the evening been taken in due to disorderly conduct. He was released, but returned, and was said to be in an “unstable condition”.

He claimed to be afraid of somebody or something, but was told to leave the reception. He then asked if he could use the bathroom. On his way to the bathroom, he saw another door, which he picked by using a nail file.

After that he got into an elevator and pushed all the buttons. The elevator finally stopped up on the seventh floor, which is where the jail is. There the man asked if he could come in and sit down on a chair.

A couple of minutes later he was arrested for breaking an entry. He confesses to his crime, without any objections.

The man’s name showed up in an ongoing case regarding drunk driving. He has also been involved in investigations concerning abuse, drugs and weapons.

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