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May 11 2007

Heja Sverige – Hockey, Drag Queens & Marathon

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Sweden: Get patriotic this Saturday!!!

First off on Saturday is the Hockey World Cup semi finals, Sweden meets Canada.

This is when you break out the beer and potato chips and dress up in team colors, rooting and tooting with your best buddies.

Later it is time for the Eurovision Song Contest, Sweden’s “The Ark” has start number 12.

Now it’s time to put on something a bit more glittery, and the fancier finger foods come out on the table, and the discussions go wild about which country has the best song and all the previous years’ songs are remembered.

Earlier in the day, you might have been in Gothenburg to watch the Gothenburg Marathon.

If so, you might have brought a blanket and a picnic basket with you and enjoyed the scenery from one of the many lawns in the area. Every person who lives in the Gothenburg area knows at least ONE person who has ran the marathon, even if they don’t run themselves, SOMEONE they know has done it!

This is really one of those days when we feel patriotic!!!

Well – for those of us who don’t really care about sports or music competitions, there are still other things to watch on TV… And of course, there’s always the OFF button!

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