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Apr 18 2007

Families With Children Caught between Fighting Football Hooligans

Hooligans fought among families

It was a day of fun at Angelland, an amusement area outside the Ullevi stadium named after IFK, the Gothenburg soccer team which nickname is Änglarna, the Angels.

Families with children were extra welcome to see the soccer game, and it looked like it was going to be an all together fun day.

The Stockholm team AIK were police escorted to the stadium at 6 30 pm, and all of a sudde4n all hell broke lose!

The rival supporter groups somehow clashed right at Angelland, the special place for all the little children who were there to see the game.

Half a dozen AIK supporters ganged up on a single IFK supporter that had fallen to the ground. He was then kicked in the head repeatedly.

A couple of little boys were stuck inside the jumping castle and had no way of getting out of there, and when the police finally managed to escort the AIK supporters into the arena, there wasn’t much left of that festive spirit from before.

Little frightened children, all white in their faces, parents who didn’t know whether to still see the game or go home…

The penalty for causing this kind of trouble has to be looked over, perhaps they should be banned for life for doing this kind of thing. Leave the soccer game to those who want to enjoy the sport!


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