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Apr 18 2007

Buying Sex & Shoplifting – Same Punishment

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The maximum penalty for buying sex is the same as the punishment for shoplifting. Police and prosecutors want this to change!

During the eight years since the law against buying sex came, nobody has yet been sentenced to the maximum six months in prison. Back then trafficking and human smuggling was almost unheard of

What the law was for was buying sex from a prostitute on the street, and not by going to a brothel, buying sex from foreign women brought here against their own will.

Now the law should be changed, there should be a difference in the punishment for different kinds of violations against this law.

The average sex buyer probably doesn’t think that he is committing a very serious crime at all. But in some cases the sex buyer becomes part of the organized crime of human smuggling and sex trafficking.

The sex buyers are the ones making sex trafficking and human smuggling profitable.

If there is a maximum penalty, why not sentence people to this maximum penalty? If people don’t get punished, they will continue to do the crime!

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