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Apr 17 2007

Attacks on Bus and Tram Drivers Down in Sweden

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The threats against ticket controllers, tram and bus drivers seems to be lessening. When the police were looking into it thoroughly there wasn’t one single incident that took place.

Maybe having the police look into it a little more frequently would make things calm down all together.

Since 2001 there are cameras on board all trams, and on almost all buses, and this has probably kept people from behaving badly.

The drivers have also been trained in how to deal with conflicts that might occur.

During night traffic, the one thing that probably has helped the most is that people getting on the trams and buses no longer are demanded to show their tickets, there used to be a lot of threats in situations where drunk people didn’t have enough money or valid cards in the past.

Still – you shouldn’t ride the bus or train without paying for it, my guess is that they lose a lot of money during night time nowadays… But the drivers are feeling safer, that’s the main thing.

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