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Apr 03 2007

“New Crusaders” take hostages at New Jersey School

Gunmen allegedly stormed the school and took students hostage

It has been said they are seeking justice because the daughter of one member of the organization had been expelled for PRAYING BEFORE CLASS.

The Crap that is going on in America and Europe has to end.I received this email today from the ACLJ, This is a great organization, read all about the latest outrage.If you are unaware of the American Center for Law and Justice, you should get yourself familiar with them.Someone has to stand up and fight for FREEDOM.

Read what is going on back in America!!!


A situation has come to my attention that has left me outraged.

A mock hostage-taking with staged – albeit terrifying – gunmen descending on a New Jersey high school as part of a drill occurred late last month. Who were the portrayed terrorists?


No other group in America would tolerate this kind of religious profiling! And we will not stand for it either. Please support our efforts to hold school officials accountable for their oppressive actions. Give your online gift of support right now.

Don’t get me wrong, taking precautions over school violence is imperative. However, the Burlington Township school district went over the top … and TOOK HOLY WEEK HOSTILITY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

The school district decided that the group engaged in the hostage-taking activity was “right-wing fundamentalists” … a group the school named the “New Crusaders” … who do not believe in separation of church and state. This is unbelievable!

In fact, the mock gunmen allegedly stormed the school and took students hostage, “seeking justice because the daughter of one member of the organization had been expelled for PRAYING BEFORE CLASS.”

Your immediate online gift will support the ACLJ in our efforts to put an end to this type of anti-religious rhetoric in New Jersey … and all across the nation. Please give as generously as you can as we work toward righting this horrific wrong.

It is imperative that we act quickly in this issue. We will not stand for this type of anti-religious indoctrination in our public schools!

Let’s call this what it is: blatant religious hostility toward people of faith.

The school district’s mock hostage-taking program TARGETED CHRISTIANS as the perpetrators. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

My staff is hard at work on a legal demand letter that will be sent to school officials within the next few days. We are fully prepared to fight this issue head-on … we are looking at all the options, including litigation.


We are also developing a Washington, D.C., case involving suppression of free speech activities in public areas. Rev. Pat Mahoney conducts an Easter event throughout the city on public sidewalk areas – areas that are open for free speech.

Yet police officials told him he cannot conduct this activity any longer, citing “Church State Separation.” Our office is reviewing all the data now and preparing a demand letter to send to Washington officials, and we will take federal court action if necessary.

Please stand with the ACLJ now in this imperative matter. Do not allow religious hostility aimed at men and women of faith to fester and grow UNCHECKED in America. We cannot tolerate this type of anti-religious activity … nor should we.

Thank you for your support.

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