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Jun 05 2007

Escape In Sweden – Sex Slave Runs To Polis While Captor Sleeps

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Swedish Sex slave raped and beaten for over a week in Växjö

The polis have a 25 year old man in custody for the charges of abduction, rape, and assault. A woman in Småland, southern province of Sweden, visited a 25 year old man at his house of her own choice but was not allowed to leave the house when she wanted to do so. Instead the woman reported to police that she was raped & beaten for over a week. She escaped from the man when she had found an opportunity while he slept.

The polis have the man in custody while they investigate. The man has stated that the woman was with him voluntarily and that he is not guilty of any crime. The polis will weigh the merits of the womans charges and see if the man will in fact be arrested.

Here in Sweden you are held by the polis during an initial investigation and if they are found to be sufficient you are then arrested. Currently the man is in custody by the polis in Växjo which is a city in Småland which is a province in southern Sweden with a population of more then 700,000 and broken into three counties, Jönköping County, Kalmar County and Kronoberg County .

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