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May 23 2007

Swedish Priest Spiked, Chased and Fined

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One evening a Church of Sweden priest was visiting a troubled man which is normal for church leaders. He knew this man through some acquaintances. It was a call from a man of the cloth on a drug troubled man. About a half an hour or so after arriving and beginning his counseling he found himself feeling ill. His hosts had him lay down fearing that he had been drugged by having smoothing slipped into his coffee. We assume that the man that the priest was asked to visit didn’t really appreciate the intervention counseling and spiked that Priest’s coffee out of anger or twisted humor. The priest stayed the night and attempted to make it back home the following day.Priest Slipped a Mickey in his Coffee

Driving home on his own in retrospect was probably not the best thing to have done. He was seen by witnesses driving erratically, and latter pursued and stopped by the police in Malmö. Tests showed that the priest had 0.07 micrograms of amphetamines per gram of blood, an amount which according to Swedish law made him unfit to drive. In court the priest explained the presence of the drug in his blood by saying that he had been visiting a friend of some acquaintances who was suffering from drug problems and went through the sad saga. The court excepted the priest’s explanation of the events but let stand the conviction and fine of more then 10,000 SEK of driving while under the influence of drugs. He was released of the drugs charges. This seems fair. While it may not have been the priests fault that he had drugs in his system, He was aware he had drugs in his system and may not have been fit to drive. In doing so, he endangered himself and others on the road.

Chased, Arrested, Fined for Driving While Under the Influence

Such are the problems of one kind Priest in Southern Sweden that traveled to counsel a troubled drug user. The result was being arrested, heavily fined and had his health put at risk.

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