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May 11 2007

Sweden SMS Transit ticket Fiasco

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Caroline Ã…kerfors got on the number 3 tram at Redbergsplatsen in Gothenburg. A little before boarding the tram, she had sent a text message to get an electronic ticket through her cell phone. Shortly after she got on the tram, two ticket controllers came on board and started checking everybody for their tickets.

Caroline told the controllers that she had sent a message for a ticket on her cell phone, but never gotten a message back. She handed over her cell phone and asked them to check her outbox, but they weren’t at all interested, said that it was her problem if she hadn’t gotten the reciept.

The ticket controller’s boss says that if this is the case, then the ticket controllers did wrong. If there are any doubts whether a trip has been paid for or not, they are to call the support central and check if there is a ticket order.

According to Caroline, the ticket controller never called anywhere, he just yelled at her for not having a valid ticket.

The situation got very threatening, the ticket controller was standing over her and yelling at hr, an when she tried to at least get away from having his face up against her own, he got even angrier. He grabbed her arm really hard and yelled “You’re not going anywhere”, and him and his partner pulled her out of her seat and shoved her into a corner and held her there.

The controller wrote her a ticket. They themselves say they wrote it out because she had told them she hadn’t had time to place an order for a ticket.

Caroline however still has the message that she sent out saved on her cellphone, the order had gone out.

She was then forced to leave the tram, two stops before she was suppose to get off. This is also very strange to the ticket controller’s boss, who says that the ticket controllers are suppose to get off the tram with the person in question, at the stop where the person was going.

Apparently the message never got through, there is no listed call either at the support center or at Caroline’s cell phone operator, Telenor. Why it never got through is a mystery to all involved.

Caroline says that she had left her wallet at home that day, since she knew about this new way of buying tickets over the cell phone.

If they launch this service, they better make sure that it really is working, she says…

Apparently, the controller that Caroline had to deal with has been involved in several other incidents where he has used more force than necessary. He himself claims that he has handled the situation correctly, and refuses to comment on Caroline’s version of what happened.

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