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May 07 2007

Nobody Rides for Free!!! Sweden’s King Gets Ticket!!!

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Parts of the Swedish Royal family had decided on an informal lunch out on the town.

It was King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine and the Prince’s girlfriend Emma who got together.

First they all had a nice lunch at a restaurant out on DjurgÃ¥rden, and then they went for a walk by the water in the lovely weather… and when they all got back to their cars – they discovered that they had gotten PARKING TICKETS!

Apparently they had parked their cars in what was the STAFF’S parking lot, and the efficient Stockholm meter maids had taken the opportunity to write out parking tickets.

Now, being a celebrity, you always have to worry about reporters and photographers watching your every move, and we guess this incident made the Royal Family feel just a little bit embarrassed…

The King saw the ticket on HIS car first, but as he grabbed it, he fumbled and dropped it… Oops!

Princess Madeleine’s black Lexus was the other car, and Prince Carl-Philip’s girlfriend was the one who grabbed THAT ticket, while she tried to cover it with her jacket.

Oh well – big deal, the standard sum that you have to pay when you get a parking ticket is 425 crowns, and parking tickets are handed out all over the country every day…

This proves one thing, though:

Not even the KING OF SWEDEN gets away with parking in the wrong place!!!

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