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May 07 2007

Swedish Women Given favorable Treatment by Criminal Courts

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Swedish Women Given favorable Treatment by Criminal Courts

Women get lower sentences for assault and threat.

The majority of the sentences are in the lower range of the scale.

Women recieve lower sentences than men for abuse, violating the peace and illegal threats, according to a new study.

-We need to figure out the reason for these differences, says Sweden’s justice minister Beatrice Ask.

The prosecution authorities have been looking into the measurement of sentences and the rulings in court cases between the year 2002 until 2005. This study might very well be the largest one of its kind.

The report confirms the image we have had of the justice system when it comes to violent crimes.

Women in general receive lower sentences for violent crimes than men do. The reason for this has to be looked into, and if the reason isn’t good enough we have a serious problem, since the law is suppose to be the same for everybody. If you have committed a crime, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, if you do the crime you have to do the time.

Justice minister Beatrice Ask has requested harder punishments for violent crimes, as the punishment scale is not used to its fullest today. The majority of the sentences are in the lower half of the scale, for example 78% of the punishments for robbery and 96% of the punishments for major assault and major violence and threats against women are on the lower quarter of the scale.

Another conclusion drawn from this study shows that many commit even more crimes after serving time, 73% go back into a life of crime.

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