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May 07 2007

Swedish U. Cans Student for Showing her Buns in Male Mag

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“I embarrassed the university”

The female student worked extra as a nude model.

When the teachers saw the picture in the magazine, she was called to a meeting with the school board, and threatened with suspension.

-They threatened to suspend me and said that I was unsuitable for the profession I am studying for, the woman says.

The law states:

For the university to interfere with a student’s private life it would have to be due to:

– the student seriously disturbing the university activities.

– the student committing a crime that would render up to two years in prison.

– the student using drugs.

The student is a 40-something year old woman, taking a longer education at the university, that will lead to a profession that among other things means she will be working with people.

The woman works extra as a model, and during last fall she did a nude job, under pseudonym, for a male magazine.

At the meeting, the school board had the magazine in question on the table, and the woman was told she was an embarrassment to the university, and that her extra job was not suitable.

The school board suggested that the woman was to exchange the upcoming work place practice with some other task at the university, since her modeling job could damage her relations with the outside world…

-I haven’t hurt anybody, apart from myself, possibly. I am very careful about separating my private life and my studies. I don’t wear clothes that would be considered provocative, I wear knitted sweaters and tie my hair up just like everybody else, says the woman.

She has now filed a complaint about the incident to both the national school board and JämO (the Equality Ombudsman).

The university prefect says there was never talk about suspending the woman or keeping her from studying.

-This profession demands that you have an ethical awareness and therefor we saw it as necessary to talk to the student about it. The university school board is satisfied with the discussion they had with the student.

The prefect also states that as for the teachers involved, this matter is now over and done with, but says he is aware that the manner in which they confronted the woman can be seen as highly provocative…

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