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May 01 2007

Don’t pickup Hitchhiking Dutch-Cannibals When Driving To Sweden

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It seems earlier this month a 58-year-old truck driver from Holland on his drive to deliver spring flowers to Sweden. His regular delivery of tulips was going to be everything but typical. It seems on his drive to Sweden he picked up a 45-year-old Dutchman Hitchhiking to Sweden. The truck driver stopped his truck in Växjö which is about 120 miles north of the Southern port city of Malmö to Sleep. The truck driver told the Swedish Newspaper Expressen that he and his Dutch-Cannibal Hitchhiker companion had gone to bed in separate bunks of the truck cabin when all of a sudden the Cannibal through the truck driver’s pants out of the truck. The driver explained that he left to truck to retrieve his pants the cannibal followed him outside and attacked him saying, he was going to eat him. During the confrontation the Dutch Cannibal hitchhiker bit off part of the truck drivers nose and one of his ears.It appears the truck driver fought off his naked cannibal attacker and must have attempted to drive off in his truck, leaving the beaten and bloody cannibal running around the community of Växjö. The truck driver did not make it very far away as he crashed his truck into a power transformer off the road.

Police responding to what they thought was a traffic accident and electric power failure found.the truck driver bleeding from severe facial injuries and nearby they found the naked cannibal also bloody and beaten.

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