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Apr 26 2007

Recycling Dogs in Sweden and Gothenburg’s Talking Trash Cans

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How to make Spring Cleaning in the neighborhood FUN!

Two recycling dogs and four talking trash cans help with the spring cleaning in Gothenburg. During Wednesday they visited Hammarkulletorget, the square out in Hammarkullen, Angered.

Bossan and Faxe have been trained to see the difference and sort out jars, bottles and cardboard.

Their trainer Anders Lundberg used to work as a garbage man and then he said he began wondering just how hard it could be to sort things properly for recycling. Regular information just doesn’t seem to do the trick or most people, but Bossan and Faxe gets the message through -it’s so easy even a DOG can do it!

The two dogs are Australian Kelpies, and as far as we know they are the only recycling dogs out there.

Trash cans in the shape of a penguin, a chicken and two bears are part of the same event.

Throw something into them, and they will say “Thank you, thank you” or “How kind of you”.

42 000 Gothenburg school children are involved in the annual spring cleaning during April, and all the bags of trash that each school district gathers up is carefully weighed – in May we will find out just how much trash they cleaned up!


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