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Apr 25 2007


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The helicopter crashed during a local police exercise on Tuesday, out by the shooting range in Sisjön.The helicopter was part of an exercise where three policemen were to be put down on the ground either by landing or hovering just a foot above ground. It now seems as if the helicopter was coming down towards the ground at a much higher speed than it was suppose to, and that one of the skids or one of the rotor blades somehow hit the ground, causing the helicopter to tip over nose first into the ground, and then it rolled several times before coming to a stop. The cabin just fragmented.

Helicopter parts were shattered over a large area. The investigators think that one of the policemen on board the helicopter fell out during impact.

The investigations will take up to a year to complete.

Helicopters don’t have any black boxes like airplanes do, but they have computer units on both engines that stores information. If they are lucky they might be able to access this information.

Witnesses are being questioned as of today.

Swedish police has seven helicopters, the crashed one included. The other six are grounded until further notice.

The helicopter is meant for two people, but on the day of the incident there were four people on board, one pilot and three policemen.

The pilot died shortly after the accident, and the other policemen were injured. Their condition is said to be stable.


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