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Apr 25 2007

Human Trafficing & Swedish Sex Trade Permitted

Prosecutor failed to press charges three and a half years ago

The sex trade involving Russian women could have been stopped three and a half years ago, but the prosecutor chose not to press any charges.

It was back in 2003 during a police investigation, when a woman said that she had come to Sweden with her boyfriend (one of the men who are now charged with pimping the Russian prostitutes), to become a prostitute. A woman called Tatiana, who today has confessed to pimping women, arranged with an apartment and showed the way to the “red light district” in Gothenburg…

Another Russian woman was also found in that same “red light district”, and she gave information that could tie her to the people who are no standing trial.

The prosecutor still felt that they had too little proof of a crime being committed back then. So when the decision came to drop the investigation, the stake out of an apartment (later it was clear that this is where the prostituted women had been staying) stopped.

The woman, Tatiana, and one man have confessed to pimping Russian women. Two other men haven’t confessed to anything, they are denying all charges.

The 20 “johns” involved in this trial are being called in to testify and stand trial starting on the16th of May.



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