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Apr 23 2007

Sexual harassment rife in Swedish parliament – MPs

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Below is an example of a Liberal Newspaper going out of it’s way to manufacture a Headline and insinuate scandal.No evidence of sexual harassment was found or indicated by the study done for the Swedish Newspaper, Aftonbladet.
In the study it is indicated that people were asked “Do you think it is possible that sexual harassment takes place in Swedish Parliament? It was not published if the question “Have you or anyone else you know ever been sexually harassed while working at the Swedish Parliament?” That question would have been the proper question.

An open question “Do you believe it is possible for sexual harassment to take place in Parliament was designed to create a headline and to insinuate scandal on the Swedish Government.

Published: 22nd April 2007 10:05 CET

Online: http://www.thelocal.se/7073/

Sexual harassment is commonplace in Sweden’s parliament, according to a survey of current parliamentarians published on Sunday.

Over half of the members of parliament interviewed for the poll, which was carried out by Sifo on behalf of Aftonbladet, said that they believe sexual harassment takes place in parliament. Only 41 percent said that they did not believe it occurred.

Many of the 168 people interviewed said they would prefer to remain anonymous, but Social Democrat Margareta Israelsson described how a colleague once “groped her in the debating chamber”.

“I was young and quite new and didn’t do anything about it,” the 52 year old told Aftonbladet.

“I remember that I took his jacket sleeve and lifted his hand up onto the bench. I just wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible.”

One member of parliament who spoke to the paper on condition of confidentiality said that despite the fact that many people know about what goes on, nothing ever happens to prevent it:

“There are several old blokes in heavyweight positions on different committees who are known for coming on to young attractive women who are new here.”

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