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Apr 23 2007

Car explosion in Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden

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A car belonging to a cleaning company exploded in RosengÃ¥rd in Malmö on Sunday evening. The firm’s owner is known by the police, he has been the suspect of a number of minor crimes in the past, and has previously been the subject of threats, police say.”It is important to stress that this has nothing to do with recent troubles in RosengÃ¥rd,” said police commander Lars Rosenberg.

This was no accident, no self combustion, we don’t believe this, says Tomas Albinsson at the Malmö police. However, there are no signs of explosives in the car, according to forensics. There are none of the typical bomb damages to the floor, for example. The fire in itself will cause the windows to blow out, one of the windows was found 25 meters away. The “fire cracker noises” that witnesses say they heard could be the air bags exploding from the heat.

The car exploded outside a preschool that the man was inside cleaning at the time.

The man has been questioned, and the police are now looking into his old police report regarding threats, to see if they can figure out who did this.

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