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Apr 21 2007

Illegal downloading is increasing in Sweden

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The downloading of movies over the Internet is increasing rapidly, according to a new survey made by the Gothenburg University.

Among the men ages 15-19, about half of them said that they had at least on one occasion downloaded a movie during the year 2005. During last year this number had increased, now 75% of the men said they had downloaded movies.

The survey shows that the people who download music and movies more often also buys records and goes to the movies. This, along with the fact that the number of moviegoers increased last year, after having been pretty low the prior couple of years, has led to the conclusion that downloading of movies is of no harm to the movie industry.

The survey was taken by 6000 people around the country, and it also shows that every other Swede wants file sharing to be legalized.

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