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Apr 21 2007

Floating body Identified – Gothenburg Sweden

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It was the missing Martin Rydström’s body that was found floating in the water underneath the Älvsborg bridge.

Martin Rydström had disappeared after a night on the town, he was last seen leaving a club that he had visited with some friends. Shortly thereafter the police arrested a man suspected of having abducted and robbed the missing man. A cellphone belonging to the missing Martin Rydström was found in the man’s apartment.

The man was however released, charges of abduction were dropped.

It was on a web site dedicated to the search for the missing man that we first could read about the body in the water, and that it was suppose to be Martin Rydström’s body that had been found.

At that point the body had not even been identified, but now it is clear that the website information was accurate.

The autopsy has not yet been complete, but so far the police haven’t found anything that indicates that Martin Rydström’s death was anything but a terrible accident.

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